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Venture X has an exciting opportunity for European investors looking to open a shared workspace franchise and become a master franchisee. Our brand has been rapidly growing worldwide because our members love the flexible services they enjoy at every Venture X location. We’re looking to increase the number of Venture X locations in Europe, a market with unique potential for our brand. If you’re looking to start your own business, this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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Flex spaces like Venture X are becoming wildly popular in Europe, from Denmark, to The Netherlands, to the U.K. The number of coworking spaces have nearly tripled since 2015 as more and more professionals realize the value of working from a flexible workspace.

Our services are especially popular among freelancers. In Europe, freelancers are the fastest-growing segment of the labor market. Of course, our shared workspace franchise isn’t just a great choice for freelancers. Startups and corporate teams also love the flexibility of our programs, along with our beautifully-curated collaborative spaces.

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Venture X appeals to a wide cross section of prospective members, which is why we’ve already undergone massive expansion throughout 80 countries. Our franchise opportunity holds significant potential for European investors looking to break into a thriving industry.

Best of all, there’s lots of opportunity for growth. We encourage our master franchisees to leverage the knowledge they glean in their initial training to open further locations and bring on other franchisees.

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