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French Commercial Property with Venture X

Venture X has an exciting opportunity for anyone who’s serious about investing in French commercial property. Our coworking spaces have been rapidly expanding across the globe, and we’ve identified France as a perfect fit for our next location. Learn more about our business office investment model and what it takes to get started.

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Why Pursue Coworking Commercial Investments in France?

With countless business opportunities in France, why choose a coworking franchise? The most significant reason is that freelancing is exploding in France, and with it, the need for flexible workspaces. There are currently 900,000 freelancers in France, with 37% in Paris alone. Freelancing has grown an estimated 110% over the last 10 years, and the trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

These professionals need workspaces that are as flexible as they are. Venture X allows them to decide whether they’d prefer a shared or dedicated space and how many days per week they’d like to use it. They’re free to adjust their membership as their business needs change, so they’re able to enjoy the many perks of a professional office space without the rigidity of an inflexible commercial lease.

Freelancers are just one of the many demographics Venture X serves. In today’s economy, they’re hardly the only group in need of flexibility. Our coworking spaces are also popular with corporate teams and startups, just to name a few.

The strong demand for our services is one reason why Venture X stands out among business opportunities in France.

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About Venture X

Venture X stands out from other coworking businesses because we go above and beyond for our members. Other coworking spaces sometimes emphasize fun over business, making it difficult for members to concentrate on work. Others provide little more than a shared table and an internet connection.

Venture X, on the other hand, has everything that professionals need to work effectively. High-end office furnishings, lightning-fast internet, free refreshments, and concierge-level care are just a few of our differentiators. We also regularly host networking events drawing more community members into our locations and helping our members grow their businesses.

Furthermore, we offer a variety of add-on services that members can take advantage of when needed, simplifying things for them and adding revenue streams for our franchisees. A few examples include:

  • Smart conference room rentals
  • Event space
  • Podcast studios

Of course, the benefits aren’t all for our members. Venture X offers comprehensive support to our Master License Partners, helping them cut through the red tape associated with opening a new business in France. As a Master License Partner, you bring knowledge of the local market, culture and professional landscape and we provide our proven formula for franchise success. Our team will guide you in the areas of site selection, marketing, sales and training. And once your flagship location is open, you have the opportunity to earn royalties from selling franchises in your country.

Contact us today to learn more about how to take advantage of this exciting business opportunity in France!