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Converting your office space to a Venture X coworking space is a great option if your business is facing occupancy challenges. Traditional office spaces are struggling to find clients the way they once did because today’s professionals value flexibility that isn’t often built into the traditional model. Venture X can help you completely revamp your system so that you can diversify your revenue streams and build more lasting partnerships with clients.

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A Better Workspace Franchise

The Venture X business model differs from traditional office spaces in a number of ways. 

First, we don’t require our members to sign long-term leases or agreements. Our membership plans can be month-to-month and, more importantly, members can change their membership tier at any point. If the business grows, members can upgrade to a private office (or two) from a dedicated desk tier or members with a private office can shift to a dedicated or shared space if needs change.

This flexibility attracts many clients who don’t need to worry about locking into a workspace that won’t meet their needs in the future. While traditional office spaces often bank their success on working with a small number of clients for an extended period of time, Venture X franchisees work with a large number of clients for as long as our services are needed. Oftentimes, we drive better franchise revenue than traditional office spaces can compete with.

Second, our model is more akin to the hospitality industry than a traditional office space. Most of our workspaces are shared spaces; people pay to use them a few times a week as an option. We’re able to fully leverage that space by renting it out to multiple people to use at different times. That means we’re able to keep our workspaces busy and productive just about every day – a great way to keep your property working for you.

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A Leader in Coworking Franchising

Venture X is a leader in the coworking franchising industry, with over 120 locations opened or signed worldwide. We’ve created a strong reputation because of our emphasis on streamlined technology, collaborative spaces, high design, and concierge level service. Best of all, we’ve distilled all of this down into simple processes that our franchisees are able to master and implement. We work with them every step of the way to convert their locations into thriving Venture X franchises, and we stand by them to provide guidance and assistance as they grow.

If you’re tired of going it alone as a business owner, converting your office space to a Venture X franchise might be just the way to help you see better results.

Contact Venture X today to learn what goes into converting an office space into one of our franchises.