Why Invest in Our Franchise?

Whether you’re looking to start a new career or discover an investment opportunity, Venture X offers a franchise model with growth potential in the future of workspace. Venture X is transforming how business is performed. We’re a flexible franchise solution that is able to open locations wherever there is a need for adaptable workspaces.

The global coworking industry is expected to continue its rapid growth, from 25,000 coworking spaces in 2021 to surpass 40,000 by 2024. The U.S. remains the largest market for flexible workspaces, followed by India, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Today’s digital landscape is changing how the world works: gone are the days of working in a cramped cubicle. Venture X has become an industry leader in the coworking segment by featuring facilities that are upscale in design and unlike anywhere else. We strike a balance between exceptional comfort and an air of sophistication.

We make opening a coworking space franchise easy. Our comprehensive office franchise package includes just about everything you need to get your location up and running. We’re there for you every step of the way with guidance and support so your Five Star flexible workspace solution continues to function at peak performance.

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How Did We Get Our Start?

Venture X was founded by entrepreneur and real estate investor David Diamond and his son Brett Diamond. The first Venture X location opened in Naples, Florida, in 2012. We set out to create coworking spaces and develop a vibrant community that included business professionals from many industries to meet the needs of small businesses, freelancers, and tech startups.

Venture X began franchising in 2016 as part of United Franchise Group (UFG). UFG’s reputation as a franchising powerhouse with over 35 years of experience propelled our expansion forward to offer substantial business opportunities to entrepreneurs.

In the time since we began franchising, the way business is done has changed. As more businesses have sought remote working options, Venture X has continued to host successful businesses, large companies, and corporations where they can expand in place.

With a diverse and varied membership, core values remain an integral part of the success of Venture X. We value integrity, authenticity, community, sustainability, diversity, respect, paying it forward, and social impact.

What Does Our Business Model Look Like?

business model presentationVenture X franchisees provide businesses of all sizes a rich work environment where they can interact, brainstorm, and connect with like-minded individuals. Our franchise model is unique in that we incorporate flexibility at every turn.

We offer multi-unit franchise opportunities, flexible site requirements, and comprehensive support, all so you can run your business the way that makes the most sense for you and your team. Franchisees can choose how involved they are in day-to-day operations and develop their location’s own unique culture. Our flexibility makes Venture X a great option for franchisees who are managing multiple locations, other investments, or simply wanting more freedom in their daily schedule.

With over 100 existing or signed locations in 9 countries worldwide, Venture X coworking spaces work well in urban and suburban settings alike. Our inviting and productive spaces work for members from a wide range of industries. Members of all ages can find a plan that works for their budget with no long-term leases and options to rent out conference room space when they need it.

We offer valuable services that can’t be found anywhere else, and our franchisees can utilize them as profit centers. These profit centers include varying levels of coworking space membership fees, community membership fees, conference room rentals, event space rentals, mailbox rentals, and additional technology solutions and services.

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How Can Our Training and Support Help?

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a Venture X franchisee is the unparalleled coworking franchise training and support we provide you. We take the time to ensure that all of our franchisees are ready to hit the ground running at full speed.

We go above and beyond for our franchisees. A crucial part of the Venture X onboarding process is site selection. When you partner with Venture X, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to help you find or build the perfect location in your area. Our location assistance includes market research, lease negotiations, design assistance, and technical support.

The initial training program Venture X provides ensures that you have access to all of the essential tools you need to run your business. Our in-house training prepares you for ownership by showing you the inner workings of our business model, managing your schedule, recruiting and signing new clients, employing marketing tips, and more. You’ll also get to visit a fully-functioning Venture X location to see how operations work in real life!

Once you complete the initial training program, you’ll return to your location to prepare for your opening. With the aid of a corporate representative, you’ll work together at your location to set up community development, operations, and marketing plans.

Our ongoing support keeps you on top of new trends and changes in the industry. We provide training videos, live webinars, regional meetings, national conventions, and an in-depth franchise operations manual to save owners inestimable time and trouble.

Additionally, Venture X also supplies franchisees with innovative marketing plans that include a multi-channel approach, a focus on your local market, a proven localized marketing campaign, grand opening planning assistance, PR campaigns, online marketing solutions, printed materials, and event planning.

How Do We Help the Community?

Venture X knows that without the communities we’re a part of, there wouldn’t be a need for our coworking spaces. That’s why we take the time to give back to the communities that we serve.

When it comes to community organization support, each individual Venture X location focuses on the local franchisee level. Our community-related involvement and support is more impactful and beneficial for our locations and members to support local organizations that members, staff, and franchisees truly care about.

Some of the organizations we’ve partnered with include:

    • Loudoun FCA
    • Loudoun Cares
    • Ashburn Basketball League
    • Loudoun High School Crew Team
    • 1 Million Cups
    • Loudoun Cyber Security Professionals Meetup
    • Loudoun Economic Development
    • Free The Girls Foundation
    • Loudoun Chamber
    • Advocacy Partners

    We’re proud to be a part of the VTX CARES Program and UFG Cares, where we give back not only financially but participate actively in our local communities as well. We’re also involved in Place of Hope, a faith-based, state-licensed organization that offers housing and support services to children, youth, and families in need.

    How Does Venture X Stand Out in the Coworking Industry?

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    While coworking might seem like a relatively new concept, it has actually existed for a couple decades. In the U.S., the coworking industry took flight in 2005, thanks to software engineer Brad Neuberg. Globally, C-base in Berlin is considered the first coworking space, as it started in 1995.

    Currently, it’s estimated that there are more than 30,000 coworking spaces and over 5 million members of the coworking community. Forecast reports are projecting that the coworking space industry will grow at a rate of 24% per year, and by 2030, coworking spaces will make up approximately 30% of the U.S. office space market.

    As we move further into the 21st century, coworking is becoming the future of business. It’s calculated that by 2026, nearly 68 million Americans will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors, or entrepreneurs. Venture X is at the forefront of this growing trend. We provide this key demographic with flexible, adaptable coworking spaces and a rich work community.

    Venture X holds a unique place in the industry. We’re not just for tech companies or startups, as we appeal to a wider membership base that includes working professionals, freelancers, remote workers, and teams from large corporations.

    Our coworking spaces blend boutique hotel and modern office styles. We feature a more upscale design level than most spaces, replete with beautiful furnishings and a more professional aesthetic. We also feature flexible membership plans, so members can choose what type of space they need. We’re focused on the vibrant communities we build, and with those communities, we offer a host of amenities and services that you won’t find anywhere else.

    Venture X has more than 45 locations open worldwide and exciting plans for the future. With our aggressive expansion plans underway, we’re forging ahead confidently by providing a network of quality, affordable workspaces geared toward successful professionals. We continue to grow organically, as well as through conversions of competitor spaces.

    Venture X locations have been built within large retail spaces, warehouse conversions, hotels, and other nontraditional venues. Our team finds places where people want to work, based on surrounding amenities and nearby local hotspots, and builds coworking facilities where people actually want to go on a daily basis.

    What Does the Investment Include?

    Venture X features a turnkey franchise investment that includes virtually everything you need to get your coworking business up and running. For our franchisees, this means fewer unexpected expenses and a clear path to opening and growth.

    Our standout business opportunity means that you can reap all the benefits of working with a franchisor, along with the independence you desire. You’ll work for yourself, but not by yourself. Venture X is invested in our franchisees, so we provide many avenues of support that include marketing materials, sales plans, processes, comprehensive training, and so much more.

    If you’re ready to open a coworking space with Venture X, we have a simple process that our team will guide you through. First, we’ll have you evaluate and understand your investment, as our established cost parameters should help you decide if this is financially feasible for you.

    Then, we’ll help you determine your location. This process is essential to ensuring that Venture X is a good fit for your community. Finally, we ask that you evaluate us. Venture X provides exemplary franchisor support every step of the way to make sure you receive the expertise you need.

    The initial franchise fee for Venture X is $60,000, which provides you with significant resources that Venture X offers to get your new business up and running smoothly. Your total investment can range from $360K to $3.6M (which includes the initial franchise fee), depending on the size of your business and its location. These costs cover a multitude of expenses such as remodeling, construction, insurance, initial staffing, memberships, and more.

    We’re looking for franchisees with $1M net worth and $250K in liquid capital. All Venture X franchisees pay a 6% monthly royalty fee, which goes toward supporting your facility as it grows.

    We know that many Venture X franchisees manage multiple investments. We want to keep things simple for our franchisees so they are able to grow their initial investment and business. Multi-unit management is a great part of the opportunity, as we’ve streamlined the process to help our franchisees provide coworking spaces effectively in more than one community.

    For those interested in multi-unit opportunities, we offer a discount on your franchise fee when you add additional locations. You can choose to open multiple locations at once or leverage the growth of a single location into the purchase of additional locations. This makes a Venture X opportunity even more irresistible as a way to take your investment even further.

    Venture X is a proud member of VetFran. Franchising is a great way for returning veterans to leverage the skills they’ve acquired in active duty and apply them toward business principles. We offer a 10% discount off the franchise fee for returning veterans who’d like to get started in owning their own business.

    What Are Our Competitive Advantages?

    Venture X features many industry advantages that you won’t find at other coworking spaces. Our business model incorporates flexibility at every turn, and we’re proud that we’ve found success in both urban and suburban areas.

    We exist in a happy medium. Some coworking spaces emphasize work and resemble traditional office buildings, while others emphasize play and feature amenities like ping pong tables. Venture X, in contrast, offers upscale, versatile spaces with beautiful furnishings to provide exceptional comfort and lend an air of sophistication to the business.

    On one end of the spectrum are conventional office buildings with expensive leases, fluorescent lighting, and drab cubicles. On the other end are play-while-working coworking facilities with amenities like indoor putting greens, beer on tap, and other features that can be distracting to the dedicated professional. Our facilities have to be seen to be believed, designed by world-renowned architects and furnished with the latest in high-end office tables and chairs. Venture X franchises are comfortable and accessible to anyone looking for a flexible and professional place to work.

    Venture X features amenities that make our coworking spaces an extraordinary experience. While these features vary by location, our perks include:

    • Cafe and lounge
    • Fully-equipped high-tech meeting rooms
    • Super-fast Internet
    • Premium furniture and design
    • 24/7 keycard access
    • Cleaning services
    • Designated space to host a variety of social and networking events

    For our franchisees, we provide a unique range of profit centers to extend your revenue into multiple streams. Our valuable services can’t be found elsewhere and work for a wide range of industries. We feature flexible franchise requirements, so franchisees can choose how many units they manage, how involved they are, and where they conduct their business, thanks to flexible site requirements.

    Quite possibly, the greatest advantage of partnering with Venture X is our backing by United Franchise Group (UFG). UFG is the leader in private franchising and provides nearly four decades of expertise. Venture X’s partnership with UFG enables us to offer our franchisees top-notch training and support throughout the franchising process, in addition to a franchise package that’s second to none.

    UFG understands what it takes to start a new business, and their experience makes it easier than ever to not only get your business up and running but to thrive. Investing with a UFG brand like Venture X means that you’ll have access to virtually everything you need to get started with an award-winning franchisor.

    How Are We Innovating Coworking Spaces?

    Venture X franchise buildingPart of our mission at Venture X is to be more than just office space. We provide a professional coworking experience with quality, amenities, and an environment that aligns with your brand. We feature upscale and turnkey coworking office space solutions for any size business, with flexibility and innovation ingrained in our business model.

    Venture X is an industry thought leader. We bring hospitality-infused workspaces that ensure a perfect first impression and the ability to host networking events. We’re globally connected, so no matter where business takes members, they still have access to our entire portfolio of coworking spaces whenever they travel. With all of our locations independently owned and operated by locals, members can rest assured that they’re invested in the growth of the local business community.

    We bring together some of the best business minds in the industry. Our partnerships have helped propel our brand forward. When we partnered with UFG in December 2018, we greatly expanded our market reach and adopted industry-leading training and support. With our recent partnership with vari, a workspace innovation company that provides both office furnishings and space-as-a-service rentals to provide a seamless, streamlined experience for facility furnishings for franchisees.

    We’re innovating the coworking space industry, not just for our members but for our franchisees as well. We provide multiple revenue streams with our collaborative workspace franchise opportunity that owners can leverage to boost their bottom line.

    Venture X locations are designed for versatility. We provide our members with everything from mailbox services to a variety of office spaces that work with their needs, and our event spaces, common areas, and patios are great for event rentals. You can earn additional income from renting out these spaces for networking, social events, and conference room usage, and more.

    Where Are Our Available Markets?

    Venture X is proud to have opportunities worldwide! When you reach out to us, we’ll take your location into consideration to see if there’s a viable territory for our coworking franchise near you. While we’re continuing to grow organically, we’re also able to convert commercial spaces, business or conference centers, competitor spaces, and other non-traditional spaces, like retail centers, shopping centers, factory conversions, indoor and outdoor malls, and standalone buildings or shared spaces. Our extensive demographic research will help you find the perfect space to open your Venture X location, whether you’re in an urban environment or suburban area.

    We take a lot of criteria into consideration when selecting our franchisee’s locations. We’ve found that in keeping with these standards, we make Venture X franchises popular with local community members and business travelers alike. The site requirements for your location include:

    • Centrally located
    • Easy access
    • Near amenities like popular restaurants and hotels

    Venture X has exciting expansion plans for the future. We’re continuing to see organic growth and conversions to provide professional, flexible workspaces to more entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and businesses. We’re confidently forging ahead of the competition to provide a network of quality, affordable workspaces geared toward successful professionals that have come to expect the best.


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    To find out more about why you should invest in a franchise with Venture X, get in touch today!