Why Franchise

Why Choose the Venture X Franchise

Business Opportunity

Venture X has a standout franchise business opportunity for anyone who’s interested in working in commercial office space. We’re a coworking space business, which means we provide flexible workspaces to professionals who are looking for something more than the traditional office building. We offer membership tiers with no long-term commitments, so members can decide what type of space they’d like to rent and for how long. As we’ve expanded in the U.S., Canada and internationally, our model has proven to be quite popular within our growing industry. Read on to learn more about how our co-working franchise system comes with far more benefits than going it alone

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Franchisee Testimonials

The Benefits of Our Franchise Business Investment

Venture X goes above and beyond for our franchisees. Not only is partnering with us a better option than going it alone, but we also offer even more benefits than many other franchises – especially when it comes to the site selection process.

Site selection is critical to Venture X because you’ll need to find a space that’s large enough to offer our key services, including:

  • Shared workspaces
  • Shared offices
  • Private offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Event space

We work hand-in-hand with our franchisees to help them find or build up the perfect location in their area. Of course, Venture X also offers many other avenues of support including a marketing plan and materials, sales plans and processes to find and sign members, comprehensive training for you and your staff and much more.

Venture X Workspace Building
Opportunities for Managing and Growing

Your Business Portfolio

Many Venture X franchisees manage other investments, so they need to keep things running smoothly on the ground while their attention is elsewhere. We welcome these investors to delegate many operational responsibilities to a trusted staff so they can manage their time in a way that works for them.

Along these lines, we want to make it simple for our franchisees to grow their initial investment. That’s why multi-unit management is such a great part of the opportunity. We’ve streamlined the process of opening new locations, so you can help professionals work effectively in more than one community.

Venture X has enjoyed a rapid expansion over the last few years, and we currently have set our sights on converting existing commercial property (such as mall anchor stores that have closed down) into Venture X locations. We’ll work with you to scout all of the suitable spaces in your area that would make for excellent additional locations. Be sure to ask us about the discounts we have to offer when you invest in multiple units – we think you’ll find this an effective way to take your investment even further.

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to choosing the Venture X franchise business investment over going it alone. Contact us today to learn more about what it takes to open your own coworking business.