Flexible Franchise

Venture X


Interested in enterprise franchising but don’t want to get stuck in a rigid business model? Venture X is the franchisor for you. We offer:

  • Multi-unit franchise opportunities
  • Flexible site requirements
  • Comprehensive support

…all so you can run your business in a way that makes the most sense for you and your team. We go to great lengths to ensure that each of our locations has its own unique culture, and our franchisees may choose a hands-on management style or take more of an absentee role and leave the day-to-day responsibilities to their trusted staff.

Here, learn more about the flexibility that’s built right into our franchise model!

Venture X coworking space lounge


At Venture X, we pride ourselves on finding locations that are centrally located, easy to access, and are near amenities like popular restaurants and hotels. We’ve found that criteria like these make Venture X franchises popular with local members and business travelers alike. That being said, Venture X co-working franchisees are free to open their businesses in any number of non-traditional locations, including:

  • Shopping centers
  • Factory conversions
  • Indoor and outdoor malls
  • Standalone buildings or in shared spaces

If there’s a location in your community that meets our flexible criteria, we’ll work with you to establish a new Venture X franchise.


Venture X is also a flexible enterprise franchise because our franchisees have a good deal of freedom in how they manage their businesses. Some franchisees opt to oversee day-to-day operations, but there’s no requirement to do so. In fact, many franchisees choose to delegate operational tasks to their trusted staff so they’re free to focus on the big picture of growing their businesses.

This flexibility is a great option for franchisees who are managing multiple locations, other investments, or simply want more freedom in their daily schedule.

Venture X coworking space
Venture X coworking office space


In addition to our flexible business model, Venture X also stands out because of the steady growth our franchisees achieve. Along these lines, franchisees are free to make a multi-unit investment right off the bat, or grow into their expansion over time. Whatever route they choose, Venture X will help them manage growth in a way that makes the most sense and helps them meet their goals.

Ready to learn more about our flexible franchise models? Contact Venture X today for further information!