Why Open a Commercial Property in

Portugal with Venture X?

Investing in commercial property in Portugal presents an exciting opportunity to take advantage of a lucrative market that is growing in demand. Coworking facilities have become a hot spot for freelancers, small companies, and other working professionals who don’t want to work from home and are looking for a sleek office atmosphere.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’ll find Venture X, with its established business office investment model, offers the best opportunity in the industry.

Uncovering Business Opportunities in Portugal

One of the top demographics of professionals that our coworking spaces are popular with is freelancers or workers that are employed temporarily. Commonly, this type of work was considered an unreliable way to get a paycheck. Today, however, we are noticing an increase in freelancers across the world, and it doesn’t appear that they are going anywhere.

According to OECD.org, almost 40% of the Portuguese workforce filed for employment under a temporary or self-employment status in 2019. Some workers view the economy as a bit undependable, which has turned the focus to this more controlled way to get into a business. Portugal is considered one of the most popular destinations for freelance workers, and why not?  Its sublime climate and countless cultural sights are perhaps part of the reason why. It makes Portuguese coworking opportunities an attractive investment for 2021.

Freelancers aren’t the only kinds of people that make use of our facilities. Small businesses and self-starters love the futuristic corporate environment we provide, which certainly beats paying a rent check for a run-down brick and mortar office. We want to elevate their working experience. With the help of a qualified franchise partner, we can bring one of our Venture X commercial properties to Portugal.

Do I Qualify?

Over the past several years, Venture X has already made significant strides in worldwide expansion. We’ve established over 39 locations in the United States, and today, we are continuing to explore untapped markets across the globe. We have already seen incredible success expanding overseas, which is thanks to the commitment and hard work of our Master License Partners.

A partnership with Venture X is a mutual commitment between you and our team. What we bring to the table is the expertise of starting, marketing, and growing a business in our industry, which is passed on to you throughout your initial training and continues with our ongoing support. We do not seek out individuals with previous experience in our industry. Instead, we are looking for business professionals who understand the local market, culture, and business landscape.

And once you have established your first location and everything is running smoothly, you will have the opportunity to open up additional revenue streams by selling franchises and collecting those ongoing royalty payments.

Are you interested in investing in a commercial property in Portugal or elsewhere in Europe with Venture X? Feel free to contact us today for more information.