Phoenix, AZ

Franchise Opportunity in

Phoenix, AZ

Venture X has sold 130+ shared office spaces around the world and we’ve identified Phoenix as a city with great potential for our next location. Phoenix has just about all of the demographics we look for, and we know that our services would be in high demand there. Read on to learn more about the opportunity for prospective investors.

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Phoenix is home to over 1.6 million people, so there’s no shortage of prospective Venture X members. We’ve observed that freelancing is becoming more popular in Phoenix, which is a great indication that more people are in need of a flexible workspace. A burgeoning tech hub, there’s also no shortage of startup companies in the area. Both freelancers and startup companies love that Venture X allows them to access beautiful, collaborative spaces furnished with high-end equipment and the tech they need to stay connected.

Whether they simply need a virtual office or meeting room for collaboration, Venture X can help them access the services they need without the hassle of a long-term lease. And when Phoenix commercial rent per square foot is between $25-$35, that’s a major benefit for our members. These aren’t the only groups that love Venture X – we’re also a favorite among corporate teams!

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Venture X is the premiere coworking space franchise because we’ve developed a strong business model that’s backed by the leadership of United Franchise Group – a Florida-based franchising powerhouse. We offer comprehensive support resources throughout the process of opening and operating each new location. Franchisees can look forward to our assistance when it comes to:

  • Learning the ins and outs of how to run a coworking space
  • Finding the perfect location
  • Building out their location and outfitting it with luxurious office chairs and desks and cutting-edge technology
  • Sales and marketing plans
  • … and much more
If you don’t have experience as an office or property manager, don’t let that keep you from investigating this great opportunity. Many of our franchisees have no experience in the industry, and some elect to delegate the daily operation of their business to their staff. Whatever background you’re coming from, if you’re dedicated to mastering our model and leveraging our systems, you might be a great fit for Venture X.