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Denver, CO

Venture X has an exciting Denver commercial property opportunity for you to consider. We’re the leading coworking space franchise, and we’re proud to have 130+ locations sold around the world. Read on to learn more about the benefits of franchising with Venture X, and what you have to gain by opening a shared office space near Denver.

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Venture X is a popular coworking space among freelancers, startup companies, and major corporations alike. All of these groups flock to our locations because:

  • All Venture X workspaces come complete with high-end office furnishings
  • The collaborative atmosphere allows professionals to network while also taking advantage of private offices and meeting rooms
  • All members can pay for a dedicated or shared workspace when they need it with no long-term commitments

Denver has just the right demographics for a new Venture X location. First of all, the number of freelancers in the U.S. is steadily increasing – it’s estimated that 35% of the workforce is now freelance! In a city the size of Denver, that means lots of prospective members. Furthermore, Colorado is famous for its startup scene. Smaller teams love that Venture X allows them to collaborate effectively without the expense and hassle of an extended lease. Finally, Denver is also home to many large corporations, including Wells Fargo and Kaiser Permanente. Corporate teams from businesses like these love that Venture X makes a great satellite workspace and location for special projects.

With private offices for rent along with shared and collaborative spaces, Venture X has something for everyone.

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Venture X is the premiere coworking space franchise because we’ve developed a strong business model that’s backed by the leadership of United Franchise Group. We offer comprehensive support resources throughout the process of opening and operating each new location. Franchisees can look forward to our assistance when it comes to:

  • Learning the ins and outs of how to run a coworking space
  • Finding the perfect location
  • Building out their location and outfitting it with luxurious office chairs and desks and cutting-edge technology
  • Marketing and sales plans
  • Planning special events to draw attention to draw public attention
    … and much more

Whether you’re an experienced property manager or are looking to break into the industry as a newcomer, Venture X can help you enjoy the freedom of running your own business with this exciting work from home alternative.

Contact Venture X today to learn more about starting a coworking space in Denver.