Why Venture X Was the Perfect Fit for this Military Veteran

Ryan Gagne, Venture X Marlborough franchiseeFor some military veterans, the transition to civilian life – particularly in the professional realm – can be a challenge. However, Marine Veteran Sgt. Ryan Gagne has quickly found his niche as a Venture X franchisee.

Just six months after opening his Marlborough-Apex Center Venture X location, Ryan’s 15,000-square-foot coworking franchise had already surpassed 50 percent occupancy. He’s also already planning to expand into locations in southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Making the Move from the Military to Business Ownership

“Ryan’s military background shows in his business acumen,” said Venture X President and Air Force Veteran Jason Anderson. “Even though Ryan is the owner and CEO of his Venture X, he’s the first to tell you that no job is too low for him to do. His military background is why this facility is and will stay a successful franchise location and example for the rest of our franchise system.”

The widespread support for military veterans throughout the Venture X franchise system was among Ryan’s primary motivations for aligning himself with the brand. Beyond a discounted franchise fee for veterans, the leadership team is always looking for other ways to show their appreciation and support.

“Only once prior to Venture X did anyone pass judgement in a positive way about my military service,” Ryan said. “But, after talking to some of the members of the corporate team, it became immediately clear to me how much Venture X cares about veterans, understanding and respecting the sacrifices our veterans have taken.”

Ryan Gagne, Venture X Marlborough franchise owner, at ribbon cutting ceremony

Prime Real Estate for a Premier Coworking Franchise

When Ryan decided to open his franchise, he realized the Apex Center Complex in Marlborough, Mass. was the perfect venue. Occupying the entire top floor of Tower A, Ryan’s coworking franchise offers picturesque landscape views of western Massachusetts.

“It’s a perfect setting and location for conducting business,” said Ryan. “There is a growing millennial population near the Apex Center Complex, and coupled with ease of access, the location provides young professionals an outstanding place to conduct business, network, and enjoy social activities.”

Within the 47-acre Apex Center Complex there are nearly a dozen eateries, two brand name hotels, entertainment options, business services, three fitness facilities, and even a swim school.

Cafe area at Venture X Marlborough

Strong Support is the Key to Success

Ryan largely credits the strength of his location with Venture X’s unparalleled corporate support, which played an integral role in securing the prime real estate. Because of the comprehensive site selection support, Ryan says the construction and design processes were almost seamless.

“Venture X has been there every step of the way, with site selection, location build-out and marketing and management,” Ryan said. “The corporate office helped guide the process, and their strong support saved countless hours, and more importantly, countless dollars to get my location up and running.”

Armed with Ryan’s affinity for business, along with backing from a leading brand, the Marlborough-Apex Center Venture X location is already poised for strong future successes.

“One of the reasons I chose Venture X was that it offers franchisees tremendous resources and support,” said Ryan. “The Venture X brand has enjoyed explosive growth, and being new to the franchise business, I know that I can count on them for support.”

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