Venture X Helps You Make the Most of Your Flexible Coworking Space Franchise Opportunity

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As a Venture X flexible coworking space franchisee, we provide you with a level of training and support that is unmatched in the coworking industry. Thanks to our comprehensive system, you can be sure you will understand our processes and feel confident about everything from operations and financials to specific training modules that can help integrate your existing business into a standout franchise that aligns to Venture X standard procedures.

We can help take your business aspirations from concept to reality and provide you with the tools needed to thread the needle and position yourself for leadership opportunities. And our top-notch marketing support means we can help you shine a spotlight on your business to generate clicks — to elevate your position — and to help generate sales!

Since 2016, we’ve grown from an upstart to a seasoned veteran in the shared coworking space industry, and now with a recent merger and acquisition, Venture X is part of CoworksTM—a strategic partnership that will continue to revolutionize the coworking industry, which is expected to represent 30% of U.S. office space by 2030.

A Full Week of Training Support … and That’s Just the Beginning!

Our headquarters is located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, where we onboard our franchise partners and empower them with the skills needed to run a successful community coworking space business. Whether you’re a franchisee with multiple interests or an entry-level partner, we’ve got you covered. We’re part of United Franchise Group and understand how to transition small business owners into successful entrepreneurs.

During this week of training, you will learn about topics that include:

  • Schedule management
  • Employee recruitment
  • New client acquisition
  • Marketing resources
  • And much more!

Understanding these key areas of management can help transition areas of your business into one that promotes Venture X’s established brand standards — standards which have attracted clients ranging from freelance talent to major corporations. You’ll learn from our experts in a classroom setting and gain the knowledge you need to take command of your business and operate with authority.

We’ll also provide you with exposure at a real-world Venture X location, where you will participate in experiential training sessions to gain a broader understanding of the day-to-day operations and decisions that are requisite for the position and expectations of a Venture X franchise partner!

For those wanting a more formal level of training, thanks to our affiliation with UFG, we are proud to be aligned with the Titus Center for Franchising. Based on the campus of Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA), it’s named after UFG’s founder Ray Titus. There are Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, as well as short-term certificate programs that can help students gain a solid understanding of the franchise industry.

A Commitment to Training and Support

Venture X is committed to providing you with everything you need to be successful in our industry. Because the coworking space is a newer industry – and exploding – it’s important to spread the word about how business and professional work has evolved since the year 2000.

Our week of immersive training will provide you with access to brand experts and senior executives who can leverage Venture X benefits from a classroom and real-world perspective. You will leave with a functional and 360-degree understanding of the future of shared workspace solutions and how they can help fill the void of professional real estate markets.

As an independent flexible coworking space operator, coming into the Venture X fold may cause you apprehension in the beginning. But we’re here to help you every step of the way. From aligning with our brand guidelines to speaking in a unified voice, you’re a part of the Venture X family, and we appreciate your vision and understand that your success is part of our success. And this is where our shared journey begins.

Contact us today to learn more about starting your own Venture X collaborative working space franchise opportunity.

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