Venture X Embraces the Future with Coworking Trends

Regarding the future of coworking trends and starting a coworking space business, the critics have spoken: coworking is here to stay. COVID-19 made remote work more imperative than ever before, and more businesses are choosing to keep hybrid workplace schedules.

Coworking Trends

Venture X’s flexible franchise solution is adapting to coworking trends. We’re staying on top of the latest trends and procedures, and our franchisees can utilize these trends to help drive their business.

  • Venture X leases are flexible, short-term, and require no contracts. Our flexible plans are ahead of the game, and our clients appreciate them.
  • Our modern facility management includes concierge-level services. We offer more amenities than our competitors, and our administrative services make it easy for businesses of all sizes to thrive.
  • Our technology is top notch. We feature state-of-the-art meeting rooms, high-speed Internet, and podcast rooms.
  • We have locations around the world. Clients can work from any of our offices, anywhere around the world.
  • Our communities are a huge bonus for collaboration. We help businesses connect and create valuable business relationships.
  • More corporations are joining than ever. We feature enterprise plans where corporations can rent entire floors for their whole team.

Predictions for the Future

While the pandemic spelled disaster for coworking space businesses in its initial days, coworking spaces like Venture X are bouncing back, better than ever. Things are looking up for the coworking sector.

Flexibility is king. Our flexibility has been a driving factor in business professionals returning to work. Franchisees who offer clients the ability to upgrade or downgrade their office size without long-term contracts are going to see success.

More enterprise memberships. Coworking operators are looking to lease to more large corporations. These enterprise memberships provide companies with dedicated floors of offices, where they can conduct business in private and in meeting rooms suited for their entire team.

Perks and amenities are still a big plus. The biggest draw to potential clients is our services. By providing concierge-level and administrative services, you’ll draw in more clients based on convenience alone.

Safety continues. We’re continuing to follow World Health Organization (WHO) and Global Workspace Association (GWA) guidelines such as social distancing and frequent cleaning for health and safety when it comes to COVID-19.

Starting a Coworking Space Business

If you’re thinking about starting a coworking space business, there’s never been a better time to make a career change or add passive income to your portfolio. Our Venture X coworking spaces are owned by franchisees who come to us from varied backgrounds, so don’t let your lack of experience in the coworking realm stop you.  You’ll also be impressed by the flexibility and growth potential our business model has to offer.

Venture X is at the forefront of the coworking franchise industry. Our attractive business opportunity provides you with initial training, marketing campaigns, and ongoing support. Ideal candidates are hotel owners and commercial property investors, but we welcome anyone interested in combining business and community to reach out.

See the possibilities when you start a coworking space business with Venture X.

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