If You Know the Hospitality Industry, Why Not Open a Coworking Space in a Hotel?

Opening coworking spaces in hotels is a great way to maximize your space, providing valuable services to business travelers and local residents alike. The Venture X model has a lot in common with hotels. Both rely on careful scheduling to keep their business as full as possible while customers rotate in and out. Both provide concierge-level service to keep customers happy and provide them with an experience that’s a cut above what they’d find elsewhere.

If you know the hospitality industry, partnering with Venture X is a great way to build a business with many of the skills you’ve already mastered. Here, learn more about the benefits of opening a coworking space in a hotel.


Why Open a Coworking Space in a Hotel?


Increase Your Revenue

If your hotel has a business center, converting it to a Venture X franchise could help you increase your bottom line by optimizing that space. We offer day-passes and flexible monthly memberships, so you’ll be able to cater to travelers and local members however it’s most convenient.

Build Your Reputation

Having a Venture X right on-site will help you build your reputation. More customers coming into your hotel/coworking space leads to strong word of mouth and more buzz online. Venture X provides marketing support, helping to maximize the number of people coming through your doors. 

Impress Your Guests

Venture X goes above and beyond the typical hotel business center – and the traditional office space model as well. Our members find everything they need to be productive in our franchises, including:

  • Smart offices equipped for state-of-the-art video conferencing 
  • Comfortable, high-end furnishings 
  • Collaborative and private workspaces
  • Unique architecture and design geared towards inspiring creativity and productivity
  • Mailbox services

Spending one day at work in Venture X often results in better outcomes than a day working from a hotel room or commercial office space.

Getting Started

Whether you decide to open a coworking space in a hotel or in a nearby location, Venture X has mastered the process of opening new locations. We’ll walk you through the entire process, from being approved as a franchisee to assessing locations in your area, to building them out, to marketing your new business. 

One of the best parts of franchising with Venture X is that we’ve already figured out the most efficient ways to open and operate, so all franchisees need to master is the system we have in place. It’s so simple; it’s practically a turnkey business. Contact Venture X today to learn more about what it takes to open a coworking space in a hotel.

Let’s Get Started