Breaking Down Our Coworking Franchise’s Competitive Advantages

Venture X is a coworking franchise that stands apart in the industry. Our franchisees love that our business model is geared towards helping them see the strongest possible returns on their investments, thanks in part to the many competitive advantages we offer. Learn about a few of them here. 

A Wide Customer Base

Coworking spaces like Venture X have been around for years, largely providing freelancers with flexible and productive places to work outside their homes. Freelancers love Venture X because they’re free to adjust their plan depending on their business needs at the time, so they’re never locked into a plan that doesn’t work for them.

However, Venture X also works with other customers, like corporate teams who love our smart conference rooms and convenient locations. Or startup companies wanting a business address and printing services, but aren’t ready to invest in a dedicated space just yet. 

We have something to offer all of these groups, and we’re increasingly finding that they opt to stick with Venture X because of the flexibility we provide. Other coworking spaces focus too much on fun, and amenities like basketball courts and beers on tap become distractions. Still, others aren’t much different from traditional office spaces on the surface and don’t offer much opportunity for collaboration. Venture X allows members to enjoy the best of all worlds.

Add-On Services

In addition to their monthly membership, which allows members to choose where they’d like to work and how often, all members can take advantage of add-on services as needed. If they have a special project or collaboration coming up, they can access valuable tools and resources right from their workspace. 

Our franchisees love being able to offer such services as noted below:

  • Conference room and private office rentals
  • Event space
  • Podcast studio time
  • Mailbox services

These services make for additional strong revenue streams at each Venture X location.

Out-of-This-World Coworking Franchise Support

Starting and running a new business takes work, and a Venture X franchise is no exception. However, our franchisees find that we’ve been able to greatly simplify the process by providing support every step of the way, before and after you open your doors:

Real estate support: We work with franchisees to find the best possible locations within their territory. Our experts compare demographic research and financial requirements to ensure that your location has the greatest likelihood to thrive. 

Marketing Support: As part of United Franchise Group, our leadership team has decades of experience building effective marketing campaigns. They pass on that expertise in the form of valuable resources and guidance. 

Business Coaching: The Venture X team keeps an eye on our franchisees’ growth and provides them with customized strategies and feedback to help them maximize their bottom line.

Contact Venture X today to learn more about our competitive advantages and how we leverage them to help every franchisee.

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