Our Coworking Franchise Lets You Leverage Multiple Revenue Streams

When you open a coworking franchise with Venture X, there are multiple revenue streams you can leverage. With more than 57 million freelancers in the U.S., the growing demand for coworking spaces is getting a lot of attention from entrepreneurs and investors. Still, it’s important to know that not all coworking franchises are created equal.

Investors know that businesses with multiple revenue streams are worth investing in. Our multiple revenue streams are passive, meaning they are simple to run and require minimal work from franchise owners to make a profit.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Venture X has multiple revenue streams built into our coworking franchise. Our membership plans are not only designed to meet the needs of our clients, but they also provide extra revenue for franchisees. Franchisees appreciate the multiple passive revenue streams that require minimal work.

Perks and amenities. Add-ons to our membership plans are a great way to add additional revenue. While most amenities are built into our plans, business add-ons such as 24/7 access, mailbox service, filing cabinets/lockers, copy/print services, day passes, podcast equipment rental, and meeting room usage at member rates provide terrific additional revenue streams.

Versatile event space, common areas, and patios. Our beautiful buildings aren’t just a wonderful place to work; they make great rental spaces. We’re ideal locales for hosting private and community events. Our on-site staff is there to ensure we have everything you need to host an event with no issues. We’re the perfect environment for all-day conferences, networking happy hours, company classes and retreats, and so much more.


Opening multiple units at once is a great way to see many returns. You can take advantage of several perks, including increased profits and a strong customer base, and the opportunity to maximize your marketing spend, and fully leverage our proven business model. We make it easy for owners to expand their coworking franchises throughout their territory.

We provide flexibility to our franchise owners when it comes to opening their coworking franchises. We allow owners to open locations wherever there is demand in your community. Additionally, multi-unit owners can take advantage of additional perks, including a significant discount on franchise fees.

Master Licensees

Coworking spaces aren’t just popular in the U.S.; they’re increasing in popularity around the world as well. Venture X has already opened franchises outside of the U.S., so we’re able to provide our franchise owners with insight into the process. Our team provides research on demographics and demand in the area, and we’ll walk you through the process of setting up a flagship location. Once your flagship location is open, we’ll work together to identify new owners to open additional coworking franchises throughout the country.

In this model, you’ll enjoy recurring income from selling franchises and ongoing royalties.

If you’re interested in opening a coworking franchise that allows you to leverage multiple streams of revenue, join Venture X.

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