How to Attract People of All Backgrounds to Your Coworking Space

You never really know who is going to walk through the door of your coworking franchise, and sometimes you never know if someone will walk in at all. With a coworking franchise, it is important to attract a diverse population in order to maximize the collaboration aspects. If everyone in the workspace did the same thing, it would defeat the purpose. Here are some ways to ensure that your coworking space attracts people of all backgrounds.

people in a coworking space

Establish a Concrete Brand Identity

A brand includes a bunch of different aspects of a business such as the name and logo. If the name and logo do not align or have a consistency with what the business wants, it could deter potential customers from your business.

Your brand identity is how you want your brand to be perceived by others. It is important to establish a brand identity that makes sense to specific demographics to draw them into your business. In the case of Venture X, their brand identity may include marketing to independent people, probably within the age range of 25-45, looking for a space to work while also being social. They want their company to seem open and inviting so newcomers feel there is space for them.

Brand identity is key in having a brand image. Brand identity is how you want the company to look towards customers, whereas brand image is what customers think of your business.

Digital Marketing

As a coworking franchise, the whole concept is to connect people digitally as much as possible to optimize sharing. Therefore, it is important that this is incorporated on the business’ social media and other websites as well. Millions of people of all different backgrounds use social media and the internet every day. By having a presence on social media, it will attract a lot of potential clients of all different backgrounds.

In addition, search engine optimization (SEO) can help improve website traffic and get more people to the website by searching keywords. For example, keywords for a franchise like Venture X could be “networking,” “entrepreneurs,” “inexpensive,” and other words that stick out to potential clients. All of those words are important aspects to the business that people may be searching for on the web.

Reasonable Pricing

Since most of these clients are independent employees, they may not have the luxury of affording a fancy office. People turn to coworking franchises because it is inexpensive and they can save money to improve their businesses. By keeping the prices as low as you can while still generating a profit, more people with different backgrounds will be able and willing to choose your franchise as a viable place to work.

If you are still unsure how to attract a more diverse group of people, read more about Venture X and how they have attracted people of all backgrounds to network and share in a coworking space.

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