As an Experienced Investor, Will a Co-working Franchise Work for You?

Experienced investors will be delighted by all Venture X has to offer. Our strong support for franchisees along with the growing popularity of our industry make ours a great company to team up with. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of franchising with Venture X.

A Growing Industry

Experienced investors understand the importance of conducting thorough research before they invest. If you’ve done research on co-working spaces, you already know that the industry has been growing steadily since 2012. Freelancers and entrepreneurs love the flexibility of co-working spaces which allow them to access the workspace they need, when they need it. With freelancers becoming an increasing force in the market, the demand for co-working spaces will continue to grow.

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A Top-Notch Franchise

Experienced investors know that they need to carefully choose the companies they do business with. When you franchise with Venture X, you’re joining a well-established company that understands what it takes to help our franchisees grow their businesses. You’ll enjoy an intensive week of training at our headquarters and flagship store in Naples, Florida. Afterwards, you’ll enjoy start-up support to help with getting your new business up and running. One of our corporate representatives will be right there with you, helping you get your location set up. You’ll also enjoy ongoing support — including marketing support — from our team of experts. We’ll give you the resources you’ll need to generate a buzz about your exciting new business.

The Support of a Powerful Parent Company

When you franchise with Venture X, you’re also joining the United Franchise Group (UFG) family. Our company has been helping franchises grow for years, and we understand what it takes to get a new franchise venture going strong. When you join Venture X, you’ll also be taking advantage of UFG’s 30 years of experience and growth. Why start a business from scratch when you can invest in our experienced and tested system?

As you can see, there are many reasons why Venture X is a great investment for experienced investors. Strong industry growth combined with the support you’ll receive from our brand and our experienced parent company make for a great potential investment. Continue to do research on the co-working space industry, and review some commonly asked questions on our website. We’re confident that you’ll like what you discover! If you have any questions or are ready to get started on your franchising journey with Venture X, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for more information.]]>

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