Can Co-Working Spaces Be Profitable Without Reaching Capacity?

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’re considering opening your own co-working space business. You might be wondering, can co-working spaces be profitable without reaching full capacity? In short, the answer is yes! Much like ride sharing, shared office spaces have the potential to earn profit even when they are vacant.

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Open Spaces vs. Private Spaces

One way that Venture X diversifies our profit is by offering a mix of spaces for our customers to choose from. We offer many available seats in our shared spaces where customers can grab a seat anywhere that’s open. These plans are designed for people who will come and go as they please without needing a dedicated space, allowing many of these spaces to be open to new clients every day. With plans from $40-$250 a month, these are affordable options for the many entrepreneurs in your community who don’t need dedicated office space. We earn a larger profit from the smaller number of customers who choose to rent dedicated desks and private offices. At rates over $650 a month, these higher value spaces allow for higher income opportunities. By offering this mix of spaces, Venture X franchises can easily turn a profit even if their spaces are not rented out each day.

Additional Services

One thing that sets Venture X apart are the additional services we offer at each of our locations. Designed to be comfortable modern spaces, our locations feature additional services such as cafes that customers can choose to take advantage of. These additional services translate into a new line of income that our franchisees can tap into. Schedule a visit to one of our locations if you’d like to get a better feel for some of the services we offer to our customers.

When you decide to open a co-working space with Venture X, you don’t need to worry about keeping your business at full capacity at all times in order to turn a profit. The flexibility of our business model along with the additional services you can build into your location will help you remain profitable without needing to maintain a full house. Request more info from us to learn more about how we help our franchise recruit and retain customers.

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