Business Opportunities Abound: How to Start a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces make a lot of sense for startups and freelancers—and even for more established businesses. Workers have been granted greater autonomy almost across the board thanks to modern-day innovations like cloud computing, nationwide wireless networks, and social media.

You can expect productivity and workplace satisfaction to soar in these collaborative environments, which often create synergistic ideas and inspired networking opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise come to fruition.

The reason for this is that a coworking space allows for greater collaboration, predictable leases, and all of the amenities (and then some) that workers expect from a modern-day workplace environment.

Predictable memberships and leases that allow entrepreneurs and freelancers to expand as their businesses grow and their needs evolve are other unique benefits of coworking spaces.

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Starting Your Own Coworking Space

The first step to take when you’re considering opening your own coworking space is to ensure that there’s a local need for the service you’re getting ready to provide.

One way to do this is by contacting an established franchise’s area developers so that there’s no second guessing: You’re virtually guaranteed a fully utilized coworking space, since the demand has been found to be so high.

Research and Contact Local Businesses

Coworking spaces cater to a host of different clients: freelancers, temps, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors of all stripes.

The freedom to work anywhere at anytime has been catalyzed by cloud computing, mobile device usage, and the ability to network across social media and work networks.

Freedom, though, doesn’t mean isolation, as freelancers, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors can often create a synergistic effect by being allowed to network, brainstorm, mentor, and collaborate when in closer proximity, thanks to your coworking space.

You’ve probably caught on to a motif by now: All of this stuff has to do with people. That said, you’ll want to make sure that your coworking space is centered around a space that’s convenient—geographically, practically, and occupationally—and accessible to local freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Focus on Amenities and Functionality

Venture X offers coworking spaces that allow for organic (never forced) networking, collaboration, independent and group learning, and mentoring opportunities to naturally develop.

In other words, when Venture X offers up 24/7 meeting rooms, centralized cafes, online member networks for freelancers and entrepreneurs, and weekly educational events, your clients are receiving an engaging sweet spot that couples amenities with functionality.

One of the chief benefits to workers of operating within a coworking space is the luxury of not having to deal with basic workplace amenities. They’re already handled.

Things like wireless internet, receptionists, and phone lines (or hotspot cell phone signal boosters) are already taken care of in a coworking space, which takes a lot of pressure off startups and entrepreneurs.

Bundling all of these services together in a one-off membership cost greatly simplifies the process of shoring up a coworking space for mobile workforces.

Aside from offering basic amenities like concierge and always-open meeting rooms, you’ll also want to make sure that your coworking space is actually conducive to both private and collaborative work—whichever your clients prefer!

Venture X is a Turnkey Investment

While many investors might not be completely familiar with coworking spaces, there’s a good chance that they’ve at least seen an open workspace before and understand the trends that are driving the transition to a more mobile workforce.

Venture X capitalizes on those trends by offering investors the opportunity to offer functional yet engaging coworking spaces to local freelancers and entrepreneurs. It’s a turnkey franchise opportunity attuned to local workers and the future direction of business. For more information about how to start a coworking space, click here.

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