6 Reasons Running a Coworking Franchise Draws in Lifetime Customers

Venture X makes running a coworking franchise a rewarding career change or passive income for your portfolio. We are a thriving opportunity that is transforming the modern workspace. Whether you want to become your own boss or are looking for an investment opportunity, you’ll be impressed by our flexible franchise solution and the growth potential of our business model.

We adapt to change. With the global rise of coworking franchises, Venture X has become an industry leader. The industry is expected to see continued growth through 2022, so there’s no better time to consider a coworking franchise opportunity with Venture X.

Multiple Services Promotes Customer Retention

Venture X is a standout business opportunity to provide flexible workspaces to professionals in your area. Our comprehensive office franchise package includes just about everything you need to get started. We work hand-in-hand with our franchisees providing site selection assistance, a comprehensive training program, and start-up, marketing, and ongoing support for the life of your business.

There are several income and revenue streams for our Venture X franchisees to draw upon. Our franchise owners offer exclusive virtual and community memberships for professionals in your area, where clients can choose from different office plans. Clients can add on conference rooms, event spaces, premium IT services, and mailbox services: This all leads to more revenue streams for our franchise owners to build into their business.

We do this all without a rigid business model. We offer multi-unit franchise opportunities, flexible site requirements, and comprehensive support, all within our flexible franchise model. Franchisees have the freedom to be as active or passive as they’d like; you have the freedom to manage your business as you see fit.

We Create Lifetime Customers

More companies are adopting hybrid remote schedules, as the need for in-person interaction in many professions has been replaced by a laptop. Additionally, the number of freelancers, temps, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs is expected to grow and make up a significant part of the workforce by 2026. Coworking is the future of business, and it’s a great time to consider starting a coworking franchise.

Aside from a booming industry, there are other key features of Venture X that poise us for long-term customers, including:

  1. Flexible membership plans. A key feature in the Venture X business model that helps us stand out from the competition. Our membership plans grow and expand as your client’s business does, all the way from a virtual office to an enterprise suite.
  2. No long-term commitments. Our facilities feature month-to-month contracts; there are no long-term leases.
  3. 24/7 access. With available keycard access 24/7, clients appreciate the flexibility of working on their own schedule.
  4. High-end, boutique setting. We have premier furnishings and luxurious design: your clients will feel proud hosting business meetings and bringing their clients to Venture X.
  5. Event space. Members love that we can host events with a dedicated staff, whether they’re for business networking or social engagements.
  6. Community. Venture X creates and encourages community among like-minded individuals for organic networking, mentoring, and learning across the business industry.

Venture X is there to manage your coworking franchise growth in a way that makes sense for you and helps you achieve your goals.

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