4 Ways Technology Improves Our Office Space Business

Venture X stands out from other office space businesses because of the sleek design of our locations and the way we integrate technology to make things easier and more efficient for members. Here, learn more about the technology we use to make Venture X the #1 coworking space franchise around.

#1. Giving Members the Tools to Take on Special Projects

One of the best things about Venture X is that we’re not just an office space business. We offer so much more than workspaces! Members are able to take advantage of add-on services as needed, so they can complete projects that require special tools. Take our podcast studio rentals, for instance.

Some of our locations include podcast studios that members can rent to create original content that can be distributed on their own digital platforms. Generating podcasts is a great asset for businesses, and more and more are interested in producing them. Having this technology at your office space business is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

#2. Holding Virtual Meetings in Style

Another way that technology creates a competitive advantage for our franchisees is our smart virtual meeting rooms. Members can rent these as needed, and as video conferencing has grown even more popular, they’ve been a major draw.

Our smart conference rooms come complete with built-in audio and video systems, central screens, and high-end furnishings. Whether members are part of a startup or corporate team or are freelancers, these highly effective and beautiful conference rooms elevate video chats to the next level.

#3. Keeping Day-to-Day Business Moving

High-speed Internet is a must for just about every business, and Venture X gives members access to this vital tool so they never need to worry about lagging behind when their network can’t keep up with them. It comes standard with all of our memberships.

#4. Making Things Easier for Franchisees

While there’s plenty of technology on the member-facing side of our office space business, franchisees also leverage it to make their jobs easier. Venture X utilizes in-house software that’s capable of doing things like:

  • Keeping track of member information
  • Managing billing
  • Connecting you with training resources, like our operations manual, to keep things running smoothly

Of course, we work to support our franchisees outside of this system as well. We want your business to thrive, and we work closely with you to help you stay on track towards meeting your goals.

These are just a few of the ways that technology sets Venture X apart from other office space businesses. Contact us today to learn more about these and other competitive advantages.

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