3 Ways Coworking Office Spaces Connect with the Surrounding Community

There are many great objective and subjective reasons for a coworking office space to connect with a surrounding community. The biggest reason is the deeper the roots in the community, the more solid ground the business is on. The businesses untethered to their communities risk losing everything when the community finds a business seeking to connect. Therefore, a coworking office space has unique value propositions allowing it to connect to the community and create bonds lasting a long time.

Catered Lunches and Promotions

The easiest way to bring people together is with food. Members love a catered lunch, and a local restaurant loves the idea of catering lunch. There are many opportunities to build relationships, but the easiest way is to make a deal with local restaurants to provide discounts to members. The members get a taste for the restaurant with the catered lunch. Ultimately, these partnerships work for both entities, and it develops roots in the community.

Event Hosting

Coworking office spaces are perfect for hosting many different types of events. Getting in touch with community leaders helps with the building of different types of events. For example, there are several types of events, fundraisers, and other ways for the community to gather. The facilities at a coworking office space are ideal for keeping people inside, feeling like they have space and yet intimately gathered. The community feels the coworking office space invests in them, and the coworking office space gets community members to check out what the coworking office space offers.

Sponsoring Events and Teams

Youth sports is an incredibly effective method for deepening ties to a community. Same with events too. When people see the name of a business on the back of a jersey or as a title sponsor for an event, they know the business cares about them. Thanks to these sponsorships, the community literally feels the investment made by the coworking office space. In turn, when people need a place to do business, the coworking office space that’s top of mind is the one with it’s roots in the community.

There are plenty of ways coworking office spaces involve themselves in the community similar to Venture X. Join a coworking office space that looks outward by visiting your local Venture X franchise today.

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