3 Social Media Marketing Principles for Coworking Office Spaces

There are plenty of reasons to get involved in social media marketing. For coworking office spaces, it’s imperative to use social media marketing to promote the space along with the amenities offered. The most prominent reason for social media marketing is the prospects who are likely to become coworking office space members are younger professionals. Millennial and Gen Z prospects get much of their information via social media. They develop bonds with companies through this medium, therefore it’s important to meet them in this space.

Post Often, Sell Less Often

Posting on social media platforms matters because the more there’s posts, the more followers and the algorithm builds credibility. Posting is simple – offer congratulations to professionals, link to articles, and do all the things people already do on LinkedIn. Avoid the temptation to constantly sell. People turn off posts with a salesy vibe. Instead, covertly sell. Include calls to action and links, but don’t overtly sell a product.

Use the Right Images

Many social media marketing professionals express astonishment at how badly images feature in social media posts. There are plenty of reasons images work well in posts, but unless a person is a social media marketing maven, they get images right by chance instead of by practice. The right images reflect the values of a coworking office space. They showcase the ethos of a coworking office space. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the right images get prospects to connect with a coworking office space.

Reply Quickly

When people interact with a coworking office space’s social media account, it’s important to reply quickly. The quickness of a reply shows conscientiousness. It helps the young prospects feel like they’re important. Coworking office spaces must always reply positively, even if the initial post complains. Be positive, offer resolutions, and encourage consistently. This is a way to build a positive reputation on social media, which drives members into a coworking office space.

Having a great social media marketing plan for a coworking office space is imperative for success. Learn how to effectively market via social media with Venture X.

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