3 Great Coworking Space Locations

Why is location important when starting a business? You need to get your prospective customer’s attention and make it easy for them to visit your establishment. It’s as true with a restaurant or retail store as it is with a coworking space. As the demand for our services grows, there are countless potential locations for a Venture X. Review a few of them here and consider which would be the best fit for your community.

1. Freestanding Buildings in Central Locations

These coworking office space locations don’t necessarily need to be in an urban area, but we’ve observed that Venture X franchises tend to do well when they’re near hotels, great restaurants, coffee shops, and so forth.

Take our flagship location in Farmington, Utah. It’s located in a suburban area right across from a popular shopping center, with lots of places to eat and meet up. This locale makes it convenient for our members to work, do errands, and socialize whenever they’d like. Nearby hotels allow business travelers to stop in and get some work done without needing to figure out transportation. With a spacious parking lot to boot, this location is an excellent example of a convenient, centrally-located coworking office space.

2. Anchor Stores in Shopping Centers

Many department stores are closing their doors, leaving malls and shopping centers without tenants in their anchor stores. Businesses are thinking of many creative ideas to utilize these spaces. Venture X would be a perfect fit for an anchor store. As covered above, shopping centers are central and convenient locations that would be highly visible and accessible to prospective members. With our help during the buildout process, we can convert just about any area into a productive coworking office space location.

3. Converted Office Spaces

As professionals increasingly choose coworking spaces over traditional office buildings, the idea of converting office spaces to Venture X franchises has enormous potential. If you already own office space, or if there’s one for sale in your area, a conversion could help you revitalize the business, attracting new members while offering more to existing tenants.

Venture X offers a good deal of flexibility that traditional office spaces can’t. Our members love that they pay for the workspace they need, when needed, without wasting money on space when they’re not using it.

The Venture X team is well-prepared to walk you through every step in the process, from rebranding and marketing to remodeling, to updating systems and processes.

These are just a few coworking space locations that have a strong potential with Venture X. Contact us today to identify the best options in your area.

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