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Investment Model in Guatemala

Are you currently running a Guatemalan commercial property that needs to boost its revenue? Are you interested in breaking into the thriving commercial office space business? Venture X has an exciting opportunity for your consideration. Our coworking space franchise has already taken the world by storm with more than 39 locations open and 130+ sold. We offer in-demand services and flexible plans that have become necessities to our members. Now, we’re looking to expand our brand throughout Central America. Read on to learn by Venture X is the premier Central American commercial investment.


An Exciting Time for Central American Coworking Opportunities

The Guatemalan economy has been steadily strengthening over the years. While poverty continues to be a challenge, in many places businesses are growing. In fact, Guatemala is home to many companies that work in industries like petroleum, paper, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

As businesses like these continue to grow and take off, they’ll need a stable work environment. Venture X has a lot to offer in this regard. We allow our members to choose from multiple plans that allow them to access their workspace on their terms: whether it’s every day or just once or twice a week. Members are free to change their plan on a monthly basis, and aren’t locked into any long-term commitments.

As Guatemala continues to grow its economy, Venture X coworking spaces could play a major role in the foundation and stability of its businesses.

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Our business office investment model doesn’t require industry experience to get started. Our Master License Partners come from many backgrounds: some have run other types of commercial properties like hotels, others come from corporate careers.

No matter what your experience is, we’re looking for investors who are ready to dedicate themselves to our business model. As a Master License Partner, you understand the local market, culture and professional landscape – which is a win-win combined with our proven formula for success. 

As a Master License Partner in Guatemala, you will be able to benefit from multiple revenue streams – profit from your flagship location as well as earning ongoing royalties from selling franchises in your country. Our team will help you through the process including offering extensive training support, marketing and sales best practices, technical knowledge and more.

Venture X is part of United Franchise Group, a franchising powerhouse with more than 30 years of experience. Thanks to their support, you can look forward to comprehensive support in every stage of your business.

Venture X is a standout Guatemalan business opportunity. If you’re interested in opening a new location in Guatemala or elsewhere in Central America, contact us today!