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Chicago, il

Opening a coworking business is a great way to capitalize on multiple workplace trends, and Venture X is just the franchisor to help you get started. Unlike traditional office spaces, clients are able to sign flexible agreements with no long-term commitments and no need to pay for services they won’t use. That flexibility is just one of the reasons that Venture X has established itself as the #1 global coworking franchise.

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There are already more than 130 Venture X locations sold worldwide, and we’ve identified Chicago as a great market for our enterprise business space. At Venture X, one of the key demographics we cater to is the freelance sector. It’s estimated that freelancers make up 36% of the American workforce, and they’re predicted to become a majority by 2027. In a city the size of Chicago (nearly 3 million people), that’s a substantial pool of potential clients.

Of course, Venture X is popular among more than just freelancers. Corporate teams also love to work in our locations. The high-end furnishings and cutting-edge technology we offer are often a cut above what the typical office space can provide, and our members are able to access all of it with their flexible month-to-month fee. Chicago is home to many large corporations in a variety of industries, such as Blick Art Materials, Ace Hardware, Ulta, and Midas.

Between Chicago’s large population and the blend of freelance and corporate professionals, it’s a promising location for a Venture X franchise.

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At Venture X, we’ve set ourselves apart in the industry not just because of the luxurious and collaborative coworking environments we create for members, but also because of the exemplary franchise support we have to offer. Our franchisees come to us from industries such as hospitality and finance because we don’t require any prior experience in our industry. We walk franchisees through the entire process of finding a great location, building it out, and launching an initial marketing campaign. Our well-established business model is simple to master, and franchisees love that they can rely on an entire team to help them start their business the right way.

You might be tempted to try and open your own Chicago flex space independently, but you’d miss out on the many resources we have to offer along with the strength of our brand name.

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