New South Wales

Australian Coworking Opportunities for

Commercial Investments in Sydney and New South Wales

If you’re thinking about investing in commercial property in New South Wales to build a business, you’ll need to find a proper partner to help you along the way. Franchising is an excellent opportunity to do just that, but you need to find the right team, and Venture X is the answer. Our modern look, future-focused business model, and complete onboarding program are just a few of the reasons investors have turned to us. Let’s examine a few of the reasons our business office investment model in New South Wales could be a smashing success.


Why New South Wales?

Our franchise development team is always searching for new markets that would make sense for Venture X, and Australia is top on our list. Why? Well, one of the first indicators our team looks for is the freelance rate and the size of the population contracted to hire independent work. Those are the types of working professionals that love our coworking facilities. We provide them with the office space they need to get the job done without the worry of rent or landlords.

Australia’s freelancing numbers have been impressive over the past five years, which is why we want to take action. Freelancers, or slashies, make up over 2 million of the population in Australia. Those people might live in a larger busy corporate city, which is why we are making business opportunities in Sydney and all of New South Wales a prime focus for our development efforts.

Who is Venture X?

So you might be wondering, “Why should I choose a Venture X business office investment model in New South Wales when I can just go out and do this myself?” Our team brings a lot to the table as franchise partners, but we most importantly have experience. Venture X emerged in 2012, and since then, we have worked tirelessly to perfect our franchise business model. In 2016, we teamed up with United Franchise Group (UFG) because we knew that they had the resources and expertise to help us grow.

Since that time, taking into account UFG’s experience combined with brand strength accelerating our expansion, we have grown our franchise brand significantly. That’s what partnering with Venture X is all about; collaborating as a team to achieve success. As a Master License Partner, you are respected as a business partner and will work alongside our team to conquer big picture goals.

Are you interested in hearing more about our Australian coworking opportunities? Investing in commercial property in New South Wales is a terrific opportunity to start a new business. Learn why and contact us today.