Why Coworking Space Design is Critical to the Facility’s Success

Regardless of if you own your own business or a franchise, your coworking space design may be imperative of its success. It is important that you consider these things when designing your coworking franchise to avoid having too much space for one type of customer and not enough for another.

Venture X franchises have perfected the concepts of shared coworking spaces by offering multiple levels of privacy and sharing to make sure every single customer has a customized workspace to fit their needs. Here are some design tips to consider to make your coworking space run smoother.

people sharing a coworking space

Private Offices vs. Shared Space

People come to coworking franchises searching for different things. Some are looking for a small space to share with others, and others are searching for something much more private. It is imperative that the design of a coworking space has several private offices to offer customers as well as several desks for people to rent solely or to share. Venture X franchises offer multiple different options to cater to a wide variety of people looking for a space to work. In addition, Venture X also has conference rooms that members have designated time slots to use for whatever they may need.

Several people that are starting their companies from the ground up turn to coworking spaces to save money that can be invested elsewhere in their company while still having an official place to work. Venture X provides members with a mailing address as well so that they have a business address that is separate from their home.

Optimized Socialization

One of the key benefits that make people want to work in a coworking space is the idea of collaborating with people you would not work with otherwise and generate more diverse ideas. Venture X franchises do this frequently by offering shared desk spaces and community plans that are designed for productivity as well as collaboration and socialization.

Venture X has years of experience with coworking space design, which is why more and more people are investing in their own franchise. In addition to an optimal design, Venture X offers training and support, a recognized brand name, and a turnkey business model to adjust to your specific franchise.

Venture X franchises are cornering the market of coworking spaces, and now may be the best time to invest! Learn more about coworking space design and how Venture X may be right for you! Contact us to request more information.


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