Venture X Takes A Future-Focused Approach to the Profesional Workspace

Leading the Way in Modern Business Space

Venture X understands that coworking and mixed-use spaces represent the future of work, and we’re helping to lead that transformation. Our adaptable workspace solutions have grown to more than 130 locations under agreement, with about 45 currently open in 30+ countries worldwide.

As the definition of a modern business professional evolves, we’ve anticipated their needs. The Venture X workspace provides a flexible option for entrepreneurs, freelancers, enterprise clients, remote workers, and business leaders to connect in real time —as frequently as they’d like.

Partners in Coworking Spaces

We’ve been a leader in the coworking business space since we were founded in 2012, constantly innovating, tinkering, and reimagining. But we have even more exciting plans for the future — and our franchise partners can help redefine that future workplace!

An Innovative Partnership That’s Future-Focused

In 2021, as technology helped the coworking space concept grow, Venture X responded to solve an industry-wide problem that threatened to slow the momentum. With shared offices anywhere between 20,000 and 40,000 square feet, we couldn’t install equipment into our offices fast enough to meet customer demand.

New space development was a serious issue that took money off the table. So Venture X took the initiative to help transform our industry through a partnership with Vari.

With Vari as a single point of contact, we found a way to integrate a faster, more cost-effective process for getting new spaces up and running. We coordinate in streamlining the design, purchasing, and implementation phases. This quickly set us apart from the competition and generated the pace for accelerating the fulfillment of new workspace development for our franchise partners.

Unique Market Positioning and Growth Potential

Other shared workspaces often focus on larger cities and metropolitan areas in order to tap into what’s perceived as the epicenter of the business community. While that’s one aspect, it’s not the only one.

In helping to revolutionize the market, Venture X has always committed to establishing ourselves in a diverse range of locations that include city centers, suburban communities, and rural areas. This enterprising approach helps to expand the reach of our brand, which makes a Venture X office franchise much more appealing to franchise investors, along with clients who seek flexible workspace options.

The flexible proximity that Venture X provides allows professionals access to more coworking space options than other shared office locations can offer. By doing so, we’ve empowered our franchisees to expand their footprint in areas other coworking spaces have overlooked. This has led to rapid growth that is projected to see an additional 70 locations by the year 2030.

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