Flexible Office Space is in Especially High Demand in 2021

Venture X office space franchises have a lot to offer that can’t be found elsewhere. Of our many competitive advantages, flexibility might be among the strongest. Coworking spaces are meant to be more flexible than traditional office spaces by design, and Venture X excels in this regard. Here, learn more about the demand for flexible office space and how our franchisees meet it.

Why Flexible Office Spaces are Growing

The number of coworking spaces has been growing for years. It’s estimated that by 2024, there will be over 40,000 coworking spaces worldwide. Professionals of all sorts love what office space franchises like Venture X have to offer. Unlike traditional office spaces, our memberships come with fully furnished workspaces, high-end furnishings, high-speed internet, and many other perks. Best of all, they’re free to change their membership tier whenever they need to. As their business requirements change, Venture X adapts with them.

We believe that after the pandemic, the demand for flexible office spaces will continue to grow. Now, more people than ever have discovered the benefits of working remotely and love the freedom it brings. However, working from home comes with plenty of drawbacks and distractions – the pressure to handle household chores and childcare during the workday is immense.

Working from Venture X allows this growing demographic to continue enjoying the flexibility they love with the structure and support they need. 

How Venture X Meets This Demand

Every one of our locations is capable of serving lots of members. We show franchisees how to coordinate to ensure that as many people as possible are able to use your workspaces on a given day.

We set up each Venture X in a convenient location that’s simple for members to access. They love that their membership gives them access to perks they won’t find elsewhere, like concierge-level service, a business mailbox, exclusive networking events, and complimentary refreshments. 

We’re able to open our doors in freestanding buildings, as well as non-traditional locations like hotels, shopping malls, airports, and so forth. Our team conducts careful demographic research to ensure that your membership base has the potential to grow wherever you set up shop.

When you become a franchisee, we’ll work with you to get the word out about your new business, attracting the attention of the professionals in your area who need a great place to work. 

What are you waiting for? With demand for flexible workspaces increasing, now is the time to opening your own Venture X franchise. Contact us today for details on what it takes to get started.

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