Defining Our Niche in the Coworking Space Industry

Venture X stands out in the coworking space industry for many reasons. With the industry’s rise in rapid growth, many “types” of coworking businesses have become available for customers to choose from. Venture X has created a unique niche as a collaborative, modern, and productive place to work. Here, see how we stack up against other coworking space industry businesses.

Venture X vs. Other Coworking Space Types

To appreciate everything Venture X has to offer our members, you should first learn what our competitors have to offer. Two conventional coworking business models include:

  • The “Fun” Coworking Space: These coworking businesses prioritize having fun at work. They feature amenities like basketball courts, skateboarding ramps, and beer on tap. All of this sounds like a good time, but we’ve found that many professionals don’t want these options – they’d prefer to work in their workspace and enjoy recreation during their free time. They may also prefer to have a place they can bring or meet clients without distraction.
  • The “Boutique” Coworking Space: One of the great things about coworking spaces is that they can find a strong member base just about anywhere. Boutique coworking spaces operate in smaller locations and may offer either community desks or private offices. While these spaces provide a quiet place to work productively, they might not offer many amenities. They also don’t have much space to collaborate and hold meetings.

Venture X beats out both of these competitors, along with many others. We’ve found our niche in the coworking space industry: and it relies on flexibility and collaboration. Each Venture X location includes shared desks and private office spaces, as well as many collaborative spaces. Members are free to walk around, find a desk or quiet nook, or rent out a private conference room. They’re encouraged to get to know other members, making Venture X a valuable networking hub. Beautiful design and local art inspire without distracting. 

All in all, Venture X is a standout for professionals of all stripes from freelancers to corporate teams who need the perfect workspace without the constraints of a traditional office building. 

About Our Membership Plans

As mentioned above, flexibility is one of our key differentiators and another way you’ll see evidence of that is in our membership plans. We offer a wide range of plans, so our franchisees can capture a broad customer base. Whether they just need a shared desk a few days a week or a dedicated private office, members can choose a plan that fits their needs and their budget. They can also take advantage of add-on services as needed, like private conference rooms and podcast studio rentals. Members can even rent event space when they’re hosting events of their own! 

With no long-term leases, members are free to change their plans whenever they’d like. This flexibility is a desirable draw and has helped Venture X carve out a niche of our own in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about how Venture X stands out in the coworking space industry.

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