How to Run a Coworking Space with These 3 Members That Love Venture X

If you’re researching how to run a coworking space, you probably already know that building a strong customer base is one of the most important things you can do. Having sold over 100 locations, Venture X has attracted a strong global following, and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to run a coworking space. Here, learn about some of the many members we serve every day!

1. Freelancers

Freelancers were some of the coworking industry’s earliest customers, and they remain one of our largest demographics. They love Venture X because we give them access to a professional workspace on flexible terms. They can decide month-to-month which membership tier best suits their needs. This flexibility is a valuable Venture X differentiator because freelancers’ business needs are always changing depending on which projects they’re taking on at the time. 

2. Startups

Startup companies are also loyal Venture X members. Often, they comprise just a few employees, or perhaps as few as one. Like freelancers, they need a professional workspace that doesn’t come with a long-term commitment. However, they especially value Venture X because each one of our locations is built around collaboration. That means they can find plenty of places to sit and work together, take video calls, and even host events to drive interest in their company. 

3. Corporate Teams

While many of our customers work for small businesses, others are part of larger corporations. While many corporations own their office buildings, others need to lease workspaces. That can get expensive. Further, traditional offices don’t always meet the needs of 21st-century professionals. Additionally, even large companies appreciate that Venture X doesn’t require long-term leases. They especially love that our memberships come with everything from high-end office furniture to lightning-fast internet – it’s all included. 

Our conference rooms and private offices make Venture X an ideal destination for corporate teams working on specific projects, out-of-town groups, or even employees who simply prefer to work at Venture X.

How to Run a Coworking Space that Appeals to These Groups and More

No experience in the industry? That’s not a problem – Venture X shows all of our franchisees how to run a coworking space that appeals to all of these customers and many others. Not only do we provide our franchisees with comprehensive training in our operations and business model, but we also help train their staff and implement marketing initiatives designed to attract potential customers in the area. 

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