How to Open a Coworking Franchise with Our Support

Curious about how to open a coworking franchise? Venture X has gotten the process down to a science. We walk franchisees through each of the steps to set them up for the best possible outcome. Before and after you open your doors, you can count on us to provide you with support, so you never need to worry about going it alone. It’s one of the reasons we’re recognized consistently as a standout franchisor. Here, learn more about some of the valuable resources that set us apart from other franchisors.

On-Site Support in the Pre-Opening Phase

Once you’ve completed your initial training, one of our corporate representatives will join you on-site at your location. There, they’ll work with you on the ground to help ensure that all of the right systems are in place and will also help you to pass on our time-tested model to employees, set up initial marketing campaigns, and much more.

Of course, once your business is up and running, you can still count on us for help.

Ongoing Support

Professional development is key to opening a coworking franchise, just as much as it is within other industries. It helps to keep all members of your team on the same page, gets you up to date on changing industry trends, and can take your services to the next level. Venture X helps in this regard by providing you with training videos, live webinars, regional meetings, and national conventions.

Of course, we also offer resources that allow you to find answers for yourself, like our detailed operations manual. We want our franchisees to know they are always welcome to contact us directly whenever they have questions or need help overcoming an obstacle.

Marketing Help

Marketing is crucial before and after you open a coworking franchise. It can help catch the attention of prospective members so you can build up your client base before you open your doors. It also allows you to create brand awareness and a strong reputation within your community. One of the best reasons to choose Venture X is that we have a cache of marketing materials ready to go that are easily customized to fit your location.

Furthermore, our experts know how to create campaigns with maximum efficacy, so they’ll guide you through the process of marketing your business. They can even help you assess the results to make adjustments to your strategy when necessary.

The UFG Difference

As part of United Franchise Group (UFG), our leadership team has years of experience when it comes to opening new franchises in a wide range of industries. They know that when franchisees succeed, the whole team succeeds. UFG knows better than anyone the value of a strong support system, and they’re always working to ensure that our resources are the best around.

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