How One of the First Venture X Franchisees Found Success by Accommodating Businesses of All Sizes

Nadim Ahmed was one of the first Venture X franchisees when he signed his franchise agreement in August 2016. Now, he is the proud owner of Venture X Dallas by the Galleria and Venture X has surpassed more than 100 locations sold around the world.

“Venture X is one of the fastest-growing coworking spaces,” Nadim said. “I was the first Venture X in Dallas, and now within just a year and a half there are 10 locations in the area.”

Venture X’s unique blend of the professional and the creative has allowed Nadim to meet the needs of a wide range of businesses and flourish in Dallas.

As Corporations Head to Coworking Spaces, Venture X Meets Demand

Within just one year in business, Nadim nearly doubled the size of his coworking space. He credits his impressive growth to the fact that Venture X was able to provide both corporations and solopreneurs with what they need in an office space.

Venture X Dallas by the Galleria workspace

For example, corporations need bigger space and are more interested in the amenities available. Alternatively, freelancers and startups are more concerned with the networking opportunities available at a coworking space. Venture X is able to provide both, all in one beautifully-designed, inspiring and collaborative space.

“We came at a stage when coworking was transitioning from just freelancers to corporations as well,” said Nadim. “With that, there was a need for coworking spaces, not just for tech companies and startups, but for everyone. We took the traditional office spaces and the new, hip and cool office spaces and combined them to build a workspace that is professional, but not rigid at the same time.”

As a testament to the increasing popularity of coworking space among corporations, Nadim shared that as of right now, all of his larger offices are occupied.

Venture X Dallas by the Galleria occupied office space

Custom Amenities and Networking Opportunities Abound

Nadim has customized the amenities available at his Venture X location to satisfy the unique needs of his members – another way he’s been able to set his coworking space apart from the competition.

“We have a lot of different offerings based on our customer needs, such as podcast and video studios, nap rooms, large training rooms with moveable walls and custom-designed offices,” he said.

Venture X Dallas by the Galleria video studio

In addition to amenities and services for members, Venture X Dallas by the Galleria also hosts several regular networking events throughout the month. For example, because many of Nadim’s members work in commercial real estate, his location hosts a monthly Commercial Real Estate Think Tank. They also host a weekly entrepreneurial event as part of 1 Million Cups. These events help Nadim build brand awareness while helping members grow their own businesses.

One business that grew while at Nadim’s Venture X location first joined as a startup with four employees. Since then, the company has doubled in size, gotten their funding and are now moving on to their own office space.

By serving as an incubator for small business while also providing a productive environment for large-scale enterprises, Nadim has built a successful business and plans for future growth.

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