Who are Clients of a Venture X Franchise?

a woman in a coworking space

Before opening a Venture X franchise you might be wondering: who are my clients? A better question might be: who aren’t?

Broad Audience

The beauty of a Venture X franchise is that it’s designed for pretty much everybody. The wide membership base is one of the most attractive aspects of our business to prospective franchisees; it appeals to business professionals, consultants, those employed in the arts, small business owners, remote workers, and many, many more. What our clients have in common is that they’re all looking for a comfortable, professional space to connect and do business.

Venture X franchises fill a crucial market gap at the intersection of business and community, that makes it easy to engage people of all professions, industries, and levels of income. Because we’re so diverse, there is endless opportunity for organic networking, mentoring, and learning across a wide range of businesses.

Our members also share an important ethical component. We seek clients who strive to do the right thing, whether through ethical business practices, socially and environmentally sustainable programs, or giving back to their communities. This is a key foundation block of our philosophy that we should all aim to work in an environment that promotes health, wellness, and a high quality of life.

Freelancers, Startups, Entrepreneurs

While a vast diversity of clients may be found under the roof of a Venture X franchise, our business model is particularly attractive to freelancers, startup companies, entrepreneurs, and other work-from-home employees. Whether they’re independent artists who lack a dedicated workspace, or a startup or entrepreneur who can’t afford regular rent in an office building, our coworking spaces are designed to accommodate a range of needs. Anyone who works from home, whether independently or as part of a larger company, will find a welcoming home in a Venture X franchise. Our environment is meant to be conducive to productivity, free from distraction, and equipped with whatever supplies our clients may need.

Community Atmosphere

Coworking spaces are great for networking and exchanging ideas with others in a communal space. Many of our versatile spaces sponsor business seminars and social events for members, or function as rooms for product testing and promotion. The combination of many passionate individuals in cohesive, communal setting often leads to the exchange of great ideas. Our clients often find that sharing spaces with workers from other businesses and industries can also be a perfect way to make valuable new connections.

The coworking spaces in our Venture X franchises are designed with an open-plan layout, to encourage like-minded business professionals to inspire and motivate each other. Fostering a sense of community is one area of primary focus; we believe that creating a collaborative, connected entrepreneurial network helps our clients find solutions and overcome hurdles more easily.

If you’re excited by our business model, and believe in the power of a Venture X franchise to foster a truly special collaborative environment, reach out to us today to start your franchise journey.

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