Have a Background in Hospitality? 3 Reasons Why You’d Be a Great Fit for Venture X

There are any number of franchise opportunities for investors with hospitality experience to choose from. Many people with hospitality experience consider opening their own restaurants, bed and breakfasts, or cafes. One innovative option currently at the forefront is opening your own co-working space. Like the rideshare and homestay industries, co-working spaces rely on community and shared space to give entrepreneurs access to affordable places to work. By using the skills you learned in the hospitality industry, you’ll be able to recruit and retain customers in your co-working franchise.

coworking space layout

You Know How to Fill Seats

Just like filling a room in a hotel or filling seats in a restaurant, co-working spaces are unique because they don’t just attract customers looking to rent out a dedicated space. Instead, many of your customers will just need a place to work once a week, or once a month. Your experience booking rooms and tables will help you to manage a steady reservation schedule that ensure all of your clients are able to access their workspace when they need it.

You Know How to Create a Great Atmosphere

Just like the hospitality industry creates appealing spaces to draw customers in, co-working spaces do the same. We strive to make Venture X locations beautiful and inspiring to work in, unlike the traditional grey walls and cubicles of conventional office spaces. When you visit one of our locations, you’ll notice the community vibe, beautifully furnished community work areas, vibrant colors and textures, and ample natural light. Our emphasis on design is one of the components that set us apart from other office space rentals, and your experience in the hospitality industry will help you create something beautiful in your location.

Keeping People Comfortable is Your Specialty

Our customers are attracted to Venture X for our flexible plans, modern design, and the creature comforts that come along with renting one of our spaces. High-speed Internet, high-quality food and drink in the café, and comfortable seating are services that our customers have come to count on. Our customers value working in a comfortable space, and your experience in the hospitality industry will help to give you the know-how and the inspiration to keep them happy and productive.

As you can see, Venture X and hospitality industry veterans go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’re excited to tell you more about how your experience can give you a leg up in our business. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can do business together.

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