The History of the Coworking Industry (and How Venture X Changed the Game)

Today, the coworking industry is rapidly growing worldwide. Communities everywhere have coworking spaces of their own where members can work independently or collaboratively on their projects. For freelancers, coworking spaces allow them the flexibility they need without the isolation of working from home. While coworking spaces are ubiquitous today, just 20 years ago, they were a brand-new concept. Here, get a brief history of the coworking industry and see how Venture X has raised the bar.

From Hackerspaces to Workspaces

Never heard of a hackerspace? You’re not alone. Many people don’t realize that today’s coworking spaces originated as hackerspaces where people with similar interests in computers and technology could get together to work on independent projects and collaborate. For hackerspace members, these gatherings were invaluable because they allowed them to network with like-minded peers in their communities. 

It wasn’t long before others noticed the potential of this concept. Brad Neuberg, who was running a startup and was tired of working alone, started one of the first coworking spaces in 2005 in San Francisco. There, local freelancers and other professionals could work on their unique projects in a shared space, socializing and networking as they pleased. This option allowed them to be productive while also enjoying the benefits of the group’s collective knowledge. 

The concept took off; and today, there are an estimated 20,000 coworking spaces worldwide. That number is expected to double to 40,000 by 2024. Clearly, the coworking industry taps into a strong demand among 21st-century professionals. 

How Venture X Fits into the Coworking Industry

Venture X seeks to elevate the coworking experience providing members with concierge-level service, the latest technology, valuable amenities, and networking opportunities. 

Unlike many of our competitors, Venture X locations are spacious, so members can walk around and collaborate with others. Members can choose to use a shared desk or can upgrade to a dedicated private office. We offer a wide range of plans to fit every budget, and members can upgrade or downgrade depending on their needs – no long-term commitments are required. 

We provide valuable add-on services that members can take advantage of as needed. They can rent one of our smart conference rooms when they need to make a great impression via a video conference. Podcast studios allow them the opportunity to create media. Of course, as part of their membership, other valuable amenities are included, such as mailbox services and invitations to networking events. 

Not only does Venture X continue to raise the bar for our members, but we also go above and beyond for our franchisees. We provide comprehensive service that’s unparalleled in franchising and the coworking industry – explore our website to see for yourself.

Contact Venture X today to learn more about how we stand out in the industry; and what it takes to become a franchisee. 

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