What Do People Look for in a Coworking Space?

When people are searching for a coworking space to set up their business or office, there are a few key things they look for. Venture X franchises always try to cater to each person’s individual needs to make sure they keep coming back. In order to make your coworking space appealing to your potential customers, here are some things they look for.

Recognizable Brand

Owning your own coworking space may be more challenging than owning a franchise. Coworking franchises such as Venture X tend to see more success than individually owned businesses because they have a recognizable brand name that customers know will fulfill what they need in terms of office space.

In addition, Venture X franchisees have been trained in the industry so they know exactly what customers need and what to do to help them the best they can. Franchisees are also backed by 24/7 support so if any problems should arise, they have a team to back them up.

people in a conference room


Each individual person is looking for something different when they come to a coworking space. A coworking space is based around the idea of being able to share information and business ideas with unlikely people of all different professions under the same roof. This is the appeal of a coworking space, but some people prefer things a little more private. Venture X offers multiple plans from a shared desk to a private office so that each and every client can have a space that they feel comfortable in.

Franchises like Venture X have multiple locations nationwide, so if a customer decides to move, they know that there will be a coworking space nearby that they can trust to run their business from.


The sharing industry is growing as more and more people share information with one another, and this means the coworking industry is growing as well. Traditional office spaces are becoming less popular, and since more people are working from home, they invest in an office or desk at a coworking franchise to have a professional atmosphere without actually having to go to an office.

Having a diverse group of people in your coworking space is imperative to its success. People of all different professions are looking for a desk outside their home but not in an office.

With these points in mind, creating a thriving coworking space franchise is easy! Venture X can train you in the industry and provide support to make sure you have a diverse franchise with several opportunities for potential customers. We can help guide you through the twists and turns of owning a coworking space.

If you are interested in learning more about what people look for in a coworking space, contact us today!


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