How Venture X Franchise Leads in the Coworking Industry

Venture X franchises have long been seen as the gold standard in the rapidly-growing coworking industry. With a projected value of $11.52 billion by 2023, we’ve helped make coworking franchises the go-to workspaces for all sorts of professionals. Here, learn more about the many ways Venture X continues to lead in the coworking industry. 

Collaborative Workspaces

One of our major differentiators is our collaborative workspaces. Each of our locations allows for the best possible opportunity for collaboration between teammates. Other coworking spaces are often just open rooms where you can choose a seat and work at a standard desk. That’s certainly an option at Venture X, but our locations also feature many alcoves, great spaces to walk and talk, meeting rooms, private offices and of course, break areas. Our members and their clients have lots of flexibility to find just the right space to work on any project. 

A Flexible Coworking Franchise

Another notable Venture X differentiator is our flexibility. We offer a range of membership tiers, so our members can decide what type of workspace best fits their needs and their budget. They’re free to change their membership as their business needs evolve – there are no long-term commitments. It’s a key attraction for freelancers and corporate professionals alike. 

In-Demand Services

Venture X franchises offer a good deal of add-on services that members can take advantage of as-needed. It’s very beneficial for members and a source of added revenue for franchisees. A few examples include:

  • Event space rental
  • Conference room rental by the hour or day
  • Podcast studio rental

Again, the appeal of our brand is that we allow professionals the opportunity to access the services they need when they need them, so they never pay for anything not required. 

A Comprehensive Franchise Model

Venture X has been growing expeditiously for nearly ten years. The reasons above account for much of that growth, but behind the scenes, our franchise program has also helped to bolster our brand. 

We’ve developed a comprehensive business model that maximizes efficiency. We want our franchisees to see a strong return on their investment, so we provide them with the support that goes above and beyond what many other franchises have to offer. 

Our experts personally work with you to get your new location up and running. From finding the perfect location to building it out to marketing your new business, we’ll be there to support you. With 100+ locations open or in development, we’ve mastered the process down to a science. 

Best of all, United Franchise Group, an industry-leading company involved in building-up strong franchise brands for 35 years, is the powerful force behind us. The expertise it provides, along with our knowledge of the industry, is a potent combination for franchisees.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how Venture X franchises stand out in the industry. 

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