U.S. Government Workers: A Previously Untapped Flexible Office Space Segment

We all know that in the world of flexible office space, things have been heating up over the past year, and many changes in the world of work will continue that trend. There are many individuals and companies with distinct workspace needs that are drawn to our coworking space – entrepreneurs and startups looking for a home base or headquarters, enterprises needing a short-term office solution as they move between buildings, remote teams seeking a place to collaborate and meet a couple of times a month.

With all the ancillary changes to both the global workforce — and the hybrid work model- brought on by the pandemic over the past two years, a very attractive and potentially lucrative audience, and one that previously wouldn’t have been considered pre-pandemic, has materialized within the office space franchise market: U.S. government workers seeking alternative office space solutions.

On June 10, 2021, the White House made an announcement that federal agencies would be allowed to offer their employees more flexible schedules, including remote and hybrid options, on a go-forward basis. The opportunity to attract these workers is something that Venture X franchisees are able to capitalize on to fill unoccupied space, increase revenue, and enhance the community and networking opportunities they can offer their existing members.

Differentiate to Tap into the U.S. Government Flexible Coworking Space Opportunity                                                                                                                   There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Venture X office space franchise. We are always a step ahead of trends in the coworking space, and we help our franchisees with positioning, marketing, and other tactics to stay ahead of the curve. From our research and knowledge in the space, we know there are a couple of items that help Venture X – and our franchisees — stand out as an option for U.S. government workers in need of office space that provides flexibility.

Productivity and collaboration: U.S. government workers are looking for an office environment that’s conducive to productivity and collaboration. They want to feel like they have a voice and can work together on projects. With Venture X’s myriad membership options, from a community membership to a shared desk to a private office for up to 10 employees, we have the space to get work done. And because of our flexible, airy, and modern layouts and our professional and diverse membership, collaboration among all of our members is a valuable selling point.

Flexible lease terms: U.S. government flexible workers are a great target market. Not only do they have the money and capacity to afford your office space, but thanks to unprecedented hybrid work options, they also have the desire to rent it. They rely on private office spaces for everything from conducting business meetings to focusing on work projects. For this reason, U.S. government flex workers will be eager to rent your office space if you offer it at a fair price, with flexible terms and all of the modern amenities that they need.

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