How the Coworking Industry is Changing the Work Environment

The rise of the coworking industry has changed how professionals work, from freelancers to corporate teams. While coworking spaces are a relatively recent phenomenon, Venture X has been around since close to the beginning. Our shared office space franchises are home to thousands of clients around the world, and we’re constantly innovating ways to elevate the coworking experience for them. Read on to learn more about the ways the coworking industry has changed our work environment.

Greater Flexibility

It’s generally accepted that the coworking industry, as we know it today, started in the early 2000s. Before that time, freelancers often opted to work from home or from coffee shops as there wasn’t much flexibility when it came to leasing an office space. Startup companies would have also struggled to find workspaces that met their needs without breaking their budget. Strict long-term leases eat into profits and don’t provide much wiggle room for people who may only need a formal workspace a few days a week.

Businesses, like our shared office space franchise changed all that. Coworking spaces offer more flexible terms, allowing clients to pay to use their facility a few days week or all day, every day. Venture X offers a number of plans for our clients to choose from, including private individual and team offices. Furthermore, all our clients are welcome to book additional services (like the use of an event space or conference room) as-needed. 

All of these options allow professionals to cultivate a workspace plan that’s just right for their needs and their budget, and they’ve made Venture X a favorite among businesses large and small. 

Shared Office Space Franchises Encourage Collaboration

One thing that most coworking spaces have in common is that they encourage collaboration. In the past, offices were set up with cubicles that divided workspaces and employees. Sometimes a little privacy is a good thing, but Venture X was founded on the belief that collaboration between employees, and even between businesses, leads to good things for everyone. 

Our locations are all set up with collaboration in mind. Each Venture X has plenty of room for people to sit where they’re comfortable, whether it’s at a desk or informal seating areas. Large workrooms make it easy for teams to share ideas and work together. Our coffee areas are great spaces to chat and unwind. 

There’s no doubt that the coworking industry has changed the way people work, and Venture X is proud to be a leader in the industry. As more and more professionals realize that our facilities are a welcome change from coffee shops and cubicles, our franchise opportunity is becoming even more valuable to investors. 

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