Why Realtors Make Some of the Best Venture X Franchisees

There are many possible investment franchise opportunities for realtors. We at Venture X are confident that our comprehensive training and support program can equip anyone to become a franchisee. That being said, we feel that franchisees with a real estate background will be particularly well-equipped to run a Venture X co-working franchise. Here are a few reasons why we believe their experience will be an asset.

Finding the Right Match

Realtors have experience helping people find the right match for them when it comes to locating a great space. We believe that your experience as a realtor will be an asset as you listen to the needs of your customers and find them just the right workspace for their needs and budget. But instead of contracting just one workspace and moving on, keep in mind that many of our workspaces are only in use one or two days a week. That means that you’ve got plenty of space and time to contract out!

investment franchise opportunities for realtors VentureX

Customer Service

It’s important that realtors have strong “people skills,” taking the time to get to know their clients. Similarly, franchisees with Venture X need to provide exceptional customer service. By getting to know your clients and what they value, we believe that your customer service skills will be an asset to you as you work to create lasting working relationships. In a co-working space like Venture X, amenities are important. Our clients love that they can stop by the cafe for a hot drink and take advantage of the amenities we offer. Making sure your customers are comfortable and satisfied is important to being a Venture X franchisee.

A Good Feel for Your Area

Realtors know everything there is to know about the communities they serve. This will be an asset to you as you develop lasting relationships with your customers and work to find new ones. Having a good understanding of trends in your community as well as the needs and desires of your local business scene will help you to scout out a great location, and to make sure that it offers just the services your clients are looking for.

These are just a few reasons why we believe that Venture X is one of the best investment franchise opportunities for realtors. Reach out to us today to learn more about the similarities between these two careers, and to get started on the path to opening your own co-working franchise.

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