Vacant Shopping Center Space to Fill? Open a Coworking Space in the Mall!

Opening a coworking space in a mall is a great way to attract new business to the property while leveraging empty storefronts left by former anchor stores. As more and more department stores close their doors, many shopping malls are left wondering how to fill the void. Business Insider reports:

“We expect to see a lot of the space that goes vacant remain vacant for extended periods of time,” said Kevin Cody, senior consultant for the commercial real estate firm CoStar Group.

This means many malls will be stuck with empty anchors. Anchors are giant, multi-story buildings at mall entrances that have historically been responsible for a large portion of mall sales and foot traffic. 

If you currently manage a shopping mall or have malls like this in your area, franchising with Venture X could be a great way to build your own business in the growing coworking industry while revitalizing your local shopping center. 

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How Our Coworking Franchise Opportunity Fits Perfectly with Malls

The Venture X coworking franchise opportunity is a great fit for empty anchor stores because our franchises do well in community centers like shopping malls. A great Venture X location should:

  • Be centrally located
  • Have lots of parking and public transportation options
  • Be near great restaurants and hotels when possible
  • Be convenient to access and fun to work at 
  • Have great leasing options

Often, shopping malls check all of these boxes. Opening a coworking space in a mall is a win-win.

Who Are Venture X Customers?

Venture X customers fall across the spectrum. Some are freelancers choosing when and where they’d like to work, while others are part of corporate teams. We’re a leader in the coworking space industry because we offer benefits that appeal to just about everyone, like flexible terms with no long-term commitments, high-end furnishings, cutting-edge technology, and much more. Customers love that every Venture X location is a fun, collaborative environment in a great area.

Customers can choose whether they’d like to work from a shared workspace, a dedicated private office, or something in-between. As a franchisee, you can count on the Venture X team to build out spaces like this in your anchor store location. We’ve opened new franchises around the world, and we know what it takes to get a new Venture X up and running as efficiently as possible.

Are there empty anchor stores in your community? Take advantage of the high demand for flexible workspaces and open your own Venture X franchise.Contact Venture X today to learn what it takes to become a franchisee.

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