The Benefits of Opening a Coworking Franchise with UFG

Opening a coworking franchise is easier than ever when you partner with Venture X. We’ve made quite a name for ourselves over the years, but did you know that United Franchise Group (UFG) is behind our success? UFG has been leading the way in the franchise industry for nearly 35 years. It operates numerous strong franchise brands and has opened over 1,600 locations in 80+ countries. Learn more about what it means to become part of UFG.

A Family Business

Roy and Ray Titus opened the first Signarama store in 1986. It was such a success that they franchised their business model and soon found their brand growing at a rapid pace. They experienced so much growth that they began to acquire other franchise brands under the United Franchise Group label. Applying the same formula to those brands that they did with Signarama, they began to grow their system worldwide. 

Today, the Titus family still runs UFG. They regularly speak at franchise conferences and offer their unique insights into the franchising industry. 

Franchise Development

When you open a coworking franchise with Venture X, you’re doing so under the guidance of franchise development leaders. Apart from UFG putting its expertise into action by developing franchise brands of their own, they offer franchise development services to outside brands as well. Accurate Franchising, Inc. is a renowned franchise development firm that helps businesses to convert to franchising and helps existing franchises to tighten up their business model. 

For Venture X franchisees, that means you can count on us to have keen insights when it comes to your franchise performance. We’re masters at breaking down the data to identify patterns and create solutions. 

Helping franchisees to succeed is one of UFG’s specialties, and that attribute will be something you can benefit from when you open a coworking franchise. 

Invested in Your Success

The reason that UFG has grown into an industry powerhouse is that it understands that when franchisees succeed, the entire system benefits. That’s why Venture X, like all UFG brands, has a comprehensive support system built right in. Venture X franchisees can count on leveraging resources such as:

  • Marketing plans and materials
  • Business coaching
  • Real estate support
  • Time-tested operational systems

All of this makes it easier to run your coworking franchise smoothly.

Best of all, when questions or concerns arise, you can count on Venture X to provide you with assistance. If UFG didn’t go the extra mile to support the franchisees, it wouldn’t have the number of thriving franchises that it does today. When you contact us, we’ll give you some first-hand examples of how our support systems have helped franchisees to achieve their growth goals. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of opening a coworking franchise with Venture X and UFG.

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