Are You a Successful Hotel Investor? Consider Investing in a Coworking Business

Investing in a coworking business is a great step for professionals coming from the hotel industry. There are many parallels between managing an investment in a hotel and a coworking business, and your expertise will be a valuable asset to you in our industry. Learn more about why below.

Occupancy is the Name of the Game

We’ve found that selling memberships and coordinating shared workspaces is similar to booking rooms in a hotel. Like the hotel business, ours is all about maintaining a functional space that clients can flexibly book when they need it. One of the best perks about Venture X is that we’re able to leverage each shared space even further than hotels can leverage rooms: A shared Venture X workspace could be used by three or more people in the same day, while hotel rooms can only be rented out twice per day at the most.

Investing in a Coworking Business Taps into the Sharing Economy

The rise of the sharing economy has been a thorn in the sides of businesses like hotels and taxis. This model essentially allows individuals to profit from unused assets, like cars that would ordinarily go undriven or guest rooms that would remain unoccupied. 

Venture X gives franchisees the chance to profit from this model. In a traditional office building, workspaces are reserved for individuals, and they charge a flat fee regardless of how much that space is used. Clients and franchisees alike love Venture X because we offer flexible plans that allow our space to be used as much as possible whenever our clients need to work.

Be as Hands-On as You’d Like to Be

If you’re already managing hotel investments, chances are you have your hands full. That’s no problem with Venture X. When you invest in a coworking business with us, you have the freedom to decide what aspects of your business you’d like to manage personally, and which aspects you’d like to delegate to your trusted staff. We provide exceptional support to all of our franchisees throughout the process of setting up and operating their coworking space business. Because we’ve opened many locations around the world, we’ve streamlined things to make it as easy as possible for busy investors to get their new businesses up and running. You can count on us to assist new franchisees with tasks like:

  • Finding and signing new customers
  • Identifying the perfect location for your new coworking business
  • Building out your location
  • Furnishing and decorating your franchise

We think you’ll find that with our help, setting up your location while managing your existing investments is easier than ever.

Ready to learn more about the perks of investing in a coworking business for hotel industry veterans? Contact us today for the details.

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