3 Reasons Corporate Clients Choose Venture X from the Coworking Space Industry

Researching how to start a coworking business? One of the keys to starting off strong is to attract diverse clients. Coworking spaces are famous among freelancers, but more and more corporate clients are beginning to choose Venture X over conventional office spaces. Why? Because our locations don’t just stand out for their flexibility: they have more to offer in terms of luxury and collaborative resources than traditional offices.

1. Luxury Furnishings

Venture X stands out in the coworking space industry because we invest in high-end furnishings that are a cut above what our competitors have to offer. We buy from brands like Herman Miller, which are well known for their comfort and style. Every Venture X coworking space, from shared workspaces to private offices, comes fully-furnished, so our corporate clients don’t need to worry about finding movers or shopping around for the best deals on office furniture. We’ve already done the hard work for them, and their membership fee makes it simple for them to enjoy beautiful and highly-functional workspaces. 

2. Cutting-Edge Technology

Corporations work hard to keep their office spaces outfitted with the latest technology. Not only is this expensive, it’s incredibly time-consuming. Worst of all, when technology advances, they need to replace their existing systems. Venture X takes this hassle out of the equation. We equip all of our franchises with the latest and greatest in business technology, like smart conference rooms that are designed to make video conferencing simple. Best of all, we work with our franchisees to ensure that the systems they’ve invested in remain in good working order so that they’re always in a position to offer members the tech services they need. 

3. A Unique Niche in the Coworking Space Industry

As you’ve read up on how to start a coworking business, you’ve likely noticed that not all coworking spaces are corporate-friendly. Some of them cater to freelancers and operate out of small locations without much privacy. Others experiment with the balance between work and play and incorporate features like basketball courts and bars into their layout. The Venture X concept is unique in the coworking space industry because we attract startups and freelancers while also serving corporate clients. 

Our locations are spacious and have lots of room for teams to collaborate in different areas. Local artists and innovative architects create beautiful spaces that lend themselves to creativity. Conference room rentals allow groups to work together while conferencing in employees from other sites. Our event spaces are popular sites for professional development, and members can rent them out for presentations.

The beauty and flexibility of our spaces set us apart from traditional offices, but our focus is always on professionalism and productivity.

If you’re looking for more answers on how to start a coworking business the right way, contact Venture X today.

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