Franchisees Love Venture X’s Coworking Space Company

As a standout coworking space company, Venture X knows that the heart of our business is our franchise owners. Our franchisee system is designed to provide a comprehensive complement to your investment that includes a proven business model and turnkey franchise opportunity to not only get our franchise owners up and running but to help them be successful in the long term.

Why Franchisees Love Venture X

Franchising is a great way to hit the ground running efficiently while saving time and money. There are many reasons to love franchising with Venture X, including:

  1. We believe in making the franchisee process as transparent as possible. Venture X is happy to provide our franchise information online for prospective franchisees.
  2. Our business model has already proven itself effective with over 40 open locations.
  3. We balance our facilities with world-renowned designs and comfort, so members of any age can focus on their work.
  4. Venture X gives franchisees everything they need to start their own business. We’re there for our franchisees every step of the way, from comprehensive training, ongoing support, marketing, site development, industry research and development, and more.
  5. Our franchisees can decide how involved they’d like to be. Some prefer to be hands-on, and others prefer running day-to-day operations with the help of professional staff.
  6. We encourage our franchisees to consider opening multiple locations to help expand their holdings in the coworking space industry.
  7. We can help connect franchisees to third-party lenders for financial assistance, and qualified veterans can see a significant discount on our franchise fee.

Our Coworking Space Investment

When you invest with Venture X, you get so much more than just a storefront. One of the biggest benefits of owning a Venture X franchise is the unparalleled assistance we offer throughout our ongoing training and support. Venture X provides world-class training to help our franchisees run their new business effectively and smoothly.

Our comprehensive training program begins with initial training for one week at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our experts will teach everything you need to know to prepare for ownership and find success, like managing schedules, recruiting and signing new clients, marketing tips, and so forth.

After the initial training, there will be start-up support at your Venture X location to prepare you for opening. Our team will work with you further by coming to your location and providing on-site franchise training support through community development, operations, and marketing at your coworking space company. 

Once you open, the support doesn’t end. After training, you’ll have access to training videos, live webinars, an in-depth franchise operations manual, research and development, regional meetings, and national conventions. 

We also provide marketing support from our in-house marketing team that includes a multi-channel approach to focus on your local market. These marketing channels include grand opening planning assistance, PR campaigns, online marketing solutions, printed materials, and event planning. 

Our franchisees have a lot to love about Venture X. Come join our coworking space company and find out for yourself how this opportunity can work for you.

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