Explore Our Membership-Based Coworking Franchise As an Alternative to Gym Business Opportunities

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You’ll be surprised at the intersection between these opportunities…

If you’ve been looking into a fitness or gym business opportunity, you’ll have a lot to think about in terms of your model and the machines and services you’d like to provide. Two major elements of that industry that require a deep understanding are the intricacies of membership models and the real estate implications.

After all, the fitness industry is based on a subscription service that allows clients to pick and choose the plan that best suits them. The very same holds true with a Venture X coworking franchise opportunity: Our professional shared space business is predicated on providing individuals and businesses with modern, high-touch locations to work and network on a membership basis, with no fixed terms or long-term contracts. And we are an award-winning opportunity with huge brand recognition synonymous with the future of workspace.

Venture X is a part of Starpoint Brands, one of the largest franchise parent companies in the world and the leader in private franchising, with 8 brands under management and a track record of success. When you become a franchisee in our system, you get the benefit of 35 years of operation and the systems, processes, and, most important, training and support, we offer regardless of your experience or background. And we are experts at conversion as well – with real estate and buildout experts ready, willing, and able to position you for success.

The coworking and shared space industry is growing and shows potential in the coming decades. Statistics show that in 2030 shared workspaces will account for 30% of US office space. And with our recent acquisition of Office Evolution, we are now the largest independent coworking company in the world.

A Similar Revenue and Membership Model to a Gym Business Investment

With many fitness and gym memberships, there’s an up-front and recurring price point that customers understand. The same holds true with our coworking space memberships, only without the need for negotiation and with no long-term contracts. For business people looking for space outside a traditional office or their home, this flexibility makes our coworking space franchise locations an appealing option.

In both industries, there’s a certain amount of fixed costs, including location, infrastructure, and other considerations like a new building versus a real estate conversion. Other common traits between a gym business investment and our coworking franchise investment include:

  • Membership options: Our business model aligns with the fitness center model, as we promote a comprehensive suite of membership options that appeal to a broad range of potential customers, from a community or virtual membership to a team suite of private offices. All of our memberships are available to both individuals and businesses alike.
  • A similar business model: Many of our most successful franchisees have come from the fitness and gym industries because they see the synergies in the model and the benefit of franchising with a company like Venture X, with the backing of UFG.
  • Adaptability: During the past couple of years, both industries have been disrupted – as has most of the world – but the coworking industry has seen a consistent and now rising appetite as a result of the long-term impacts of the changes to how businesses operate and people work. Our coworking franchise owners are able to take advantage of the growing trends in hybrid work as an incubator for startups and tout the many benefits of our networking capabilities.

The coworking industry is projected to grow into a $7 billion enterprise by 2032. And those who get in on the ground floor are well-positioned to increase their bottom line revenue. Whether you’ve just been considering a gym business investment but are open to other possibilities, consider a coworking space instead to expand your portfolio.

No Experience? No Worries! Our Coworking Franchise Will Provide Comprehensive Training and Support

Venture X started in 2016, and in that short time, we’ve cornered the shared workspace and developed a blueprint for success that includes comprehensive training and support. With more than 130 locations in 30+ countries, our expansion areas are as diverse as our clientele. We offer a turnkey solution to help you hit the ground running with your franchise business.

Training starts with a week of in-person training at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, and covers a range of topics that include new client acquisition, marketing, technology, and all aspects of running a successful coworking space franchise. You’ll also be invited to visit an operational Venture X to see what our locations look like and how they operate, meet some members, and get a real sense of the opportunity.

So, if you’re interested in expanding your horizons from a gym business opportunity to another lucrative option, we hope you’ll consider learning more about our coworking franchise opportunity, whether as a conversion or a new investment.

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