Why Experience in Other Fields is Great for a Co-working Space

If you’re thinking of purchasing a hospitality franchise, you might be wondering what kind of business experience you’ll need to have. The answer is none; our co-working space franchisees don’t need much experience and our training and support programs are strong enough to get most people up to speed on the ins and outs of our industry. Still, there are a number of fields that have the potential to impart valuable knowledge that could come in handy when operating a hospitality franchise.

people in a coworking space

Hospitality Industry

If you’ve previously worked in the hospitality industry, chances are you picked up on some important nuances of the business that also apply to co-working spaces. Making sure that your clients find just the right space for their needs, giving them access to all of the materials they need, and giving them options to upgrade and add-on to their subscription, are just a few of the commonalities between running a Venture X co-working space and running a venue such as a hotel. If you have hospitality experience, you can see how your mastery of these skills can help you hit the ground running with Venture X.

Real Estate

Experience in the real estate industry can be a valuable asset when you manage a co-working space. In real estate, you try to find just the right place for businesses and individuals to put down roots. You take a variety of factors into consideration, such as their budget, needs and wants, and stage of life. Similarly, when you’re running a co-working space you’re doing just the same thing for the entrepreneurs you’ll work with. Helping them find just the right workspace is key to helping them grow their business, and your experience in the real estate industry has given you the skills you’ll need to do just that.

These are just a couple of relevant fields that will prepare you to franchise with Venture X. There are many other careers that we didn’t have time to list today. Just imagine the ways your business experience could transfer to running a co-working space! You might be surprised how much valuable experience you already have.

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