Put Your Business Experience to Good Use with Franchising

Are you looking to open a co-working space business of your own? If you come from a corporate or business background, you may find yourself especially well-prepared to franchise with Venture X. Here’s a quick look at how some of the skills you’ve already mastered could be of use to you as a Venture X franchisee.

#1. Managing Schedules

An important component of running a Venture X co-working space is managing complex schedules. What makes our co-working space so appealing to entrepreneurs and freelancers are the flexible plans we offer. That means that our schedule is something of a revolving door: clients will use their workspace a set number of times per week or month, and the rest of the time it will be vacant for others to use. If you have experience writing schedules, this will come in handy running a co-working space business with Venture X.

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#2. Staying on Top of Paperwork

One of the best parts of franchising with Venture X is that you get to step right into our established business model. We’ve already figured out the most efficient ways to manage bookkeeping and paperwork for our franchises, making it especially simple for our franchisees to adapt our systems. Still, if you come from a business background, learning the ropes of our bookkeeping systems may be even simpler for you. If you have experience in accounting or payroll, put those skills to use by becoming a Venture X franchise.

#3. Anticipating Your Clients’ Needs

If you come from a business background yourself, you may find yourself especially adept at anticipating the needs of the clients you serve. At Venture X, it’s important that our customers are able to work productively at our locations. As a former businesswoman or businessman yourself, you probably understand what it takes to stay productive at work. Whether it’s making sure your internet connection is as steady as possible or organizing the layout of your location, your insights will help your clients to work efficiently, helping to ensure repeat customers at your co-working space business.

#4. Customer Service

Many business and corporate jobs depend on customer satisfaction. If you have experience working directly with customers, this experience will be an asset to you as a Venture X franchise. Attending to your customer’s needs and listening to their feedback will help you to develop lasting relationships as you grow your business.

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